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CGS public speaking puts children on road to leadership

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Public Speaking is an integral part of the curriculum at Children’s Garden School. From morning announcements and monthly assemblies to the Public Speaking Contest in the Spring, students are given many opportunities to develop their public speaking skills throughout the school year. Public speaking can be a challenging and frightening experience at any age and CGS staff is there to guide, support and challenge children as their skills grow. Over time, students gain the confidence needed to become relaxed speakers, able to communicate with humour and feeling.

The Public Speaking Contest for the Grade 2s and 3s at the end of April is a chance for CGS students to truly consolidate their public speaking skills. Children craft their own speeches and then present them to their classmates, classroom teacher and Principal. Finalists are then chosen to present their speeches to a panel of four judges. The judges come from a variety of professional backgrounds that rely heavily on public speaking skills (i.e. lawyers, actors, musical directors and educators).
Speakers are evaluated (out of five) on the criteria below:
Content (research,understanding of topic, familiarity with material)

Voice (intonation, expression, projection, speed, fluency)

Captivation of Audience (attention-getting, interesting)

Eye Contact (looking up at audience)

Posture (standing tall, standing still)

Memory (how much of the speech is presented from memory?)

Once the tallies are taken into account and the winners have been chosen (one per grade), the judges have an opportunity to share their feedback with each contestant. Comments are always positive, with a few suggestions for improvement. Common comments include slowing down and using a louder voice. Contestants are reminded that it is ok to share their passion and humour, and to remember that the most compelling speeches include a balance of facts and personal feeling. Congratulations to this year’s winners, Peter in Grade 2 and Carmen in Grade 3. (Pictured below with the Principal.) We see contestants Isabella and Charlotte speaking (inset) and the judge listening carefully. All are well on their way to a life time of successful public speaking.

One parent said the CGS public speaking program had provided his son, at a very young age, with ample opportunity to get up on stage in front of others and speak at monthly assemblies.  “What has been great is that the program does it in a way where he feels very proud of this responsibility and prepared for the task at hand.  This has made it a very rewarding and confidence boosting experience for him to build from – he has asked when he can speak in assembly next”‘

The Director of Admission is Kelly Scott who may be contacted at kscott@cgsschool.com and (416) 423-5017 x 43 The CGS website is here.

Young public speakers excel at CGS School in Leaside

Grade 2 and 3 students at CGS participated in their Public Speaking Contest this week. Topics ranged from the history of the NHL to animal shelters to Internet and video game addiction. The children presented their speeches to a panel of four judges (who specialize in public speaking) and an audience of their peers and parents. Children are marked out of five on Memory, Voice, Content, Posture, Eye Contact and Captivation of Audience. Contestants this year showed remarkable resilience. Little gaps in memory, last-minute nerves and unexpected distractions can all affect a speaker’s performance. CGS students met these challenges with courage and grace, finding their place, gathering focus and continuing on with the same passion and confidence they displayed before the set back. Well done everyone. For children so young, this was an exceptional accomplishment. Congratulations to Grade 2 student Gavin for winning the contest and the opportunity to present his speech to the entire school community at the April Assembly. Want to know more about how CGS supports children to thrive as public speakers? Contact Director of Admission, Kelly Scott, to find out more at kscott@cgsschool.com   Also cgsschool.com  and the CGS Blog