Eglinton P.S. album is enormous local fun

All those tens of thousands of people whose lives are intertwined with Eglinton Public School will find the excellent album prepared by The Friends of Eglinton to be enormous fun. It is located on Facebook and is publicly available at the link below. At the right is a tiny portion of this charming collection of pictures of Eglinton P.S. as it celebrates its 100th year. These are kids from the Grade 3 and 4 split class of David Moscoe in 1962. The official centennial day was Saturday and we can only hope that the rain didn't dampen spirits. In the photo collection are copies of a good conduct certificate given to worthy pupils. There are "progress reports" and nostalgic pictures of the original school which was demolished in 1996. The "last day of the old school" collection catches the spirit of fun at this venerable place of education at Eglinton and Mt. Pleasant. Here's the link

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