Coach consoles kids with "speech for a lifetime"

They're calling this the speech these kids will remember for a lifetime. And why not. Their fantastic coach, David Belisle, is making them proud of themselves after a hurtful 8-7 loss in the Little League World Series. Every father will hope to do as well with his own children.  

9-year teacher faces sex charges with teen student

Joseph Diletto 
A veteran grade school teacher, Joseph Diletto, 34,  appeared in court today (Thursday, August 21, 2014) facing three charges of sexual interference with a 13-year-old student. The charges have shocked Hollycrest Middle School on Renforth Dr. north of Rathburn Rd. where Mr. Diletto has taught for six years. Police said: “It is alleged that (the) teacher ... entered into an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student,” according to a police statement.  But the charges, while stating general complaints, cover a range of inappropriate behaviour toward a young teen. Diletto has been with the board for nine years. He was arrested last night and appeared in court Thursday.  “He has been placed on home assignment pending the outcome of this investigation,” Ryan Bird, a Toronto District School Board spokesman said.  With students currently on summer holidays it is not  possible to send home a letter to parents alerting them of the investigation. “But if parents have any concerns they can call the school or police,” Mr. Bird said. As in all such cases, the police are asking for the public to come forward in case there are other victims.

Bulldog reader Bob gets Beer Store scoop

Long-time Bulldog reader Bob Arsenault of Bayview Ave. has winkled out good news on the Beer Store at 609 Roehampton Ave. It's been closed for ten days. Bob was up there earlier Thursday and asked some questions of people on the site. It appears that the Beer Store will be coming back at this location after the place is fully renovated and adds, of all things, a Tim Hortons coffeeteria. Bob calls this great news and so it is. The downside is it will take a year. What's the rush? 

Ward 16's Karen Stintz out of politics at City Hall

Karen Stintz has dropped out of the mayor's race and is dropping out of politics at City Hall. She will not run for councillor in Ward 16 although she is still able to place in her name in contention. She would doubtlessly win that election easily. The Ward 16 councillor told a news conference Thursday (August 21, 2014) that she has run though her financial resources and cannot continue the campaign. She said she is not going to endorse any other candidate. Ms Stintz has been unable to get her public support above 5 percent in any of the many polls taken to gauge who might win the election for mayor. Although she is widely-liked and owns sensible ideas, the contest has been dominated by John Tory, Rob Ford and Olivia Chow. Ms Stintz said that among her first priorities on stepping out of the race will be to get her children ready for school in September.

Jon Burnside endorses John Tory for Mayor

Candidate for Toronto Council for Ward 26 Jon Burnside has endorsed John Tory for mayor. Mr. Burnside is a former police officer and business owner. The other notable candidates are the two-time incumbent and lawyer John Parker and David Sparrow, head of the Toronto chapter of the actors association, ACTRA. So far as is known, they have not voiced an endorsement for mayor. There is no survey information known for the race in Ward 26 although there may be private polling. In 2010, the race was close with Mr. Parker finishing about 400 votes ahead of Mr. Burnside and another candidate (who is not running this year) Mohamed Dhanani, coming a close third to Mr. Burnside. The election is Monday, October 27, 2014. 

Bayview Leaside? South Bayview? Vote today!

The South Bayview Bulldog is offering readers a chance to vote on what name they would prefer for the new BIA (yet to be formed) if and when it is created. The name has become an issue as some say the "Leaside cache" is needed to re-brand South Bayview and attract new shoppers from far and abroad. Others call this wrong-headed. Locally, it may reinforce the view in Davisville and elsewhere of some Leasiders as being territorial. Hey, no offense. What do you think? Should the BIA be called Bayview Leaside or should it have the name carried by the business district for many years -- South Bayview? Vote at the polling station at the top of the left column. and don't shoot the Bulldog. (Well actually, he's bulletproof.)  Previous Post

Yours to Discover: New Alberta license plates

They like to keep things moving out west and that includes the license plate designs. Albertans are about to get a new one based on a photographic depiction of the rockies with a field of prairie grass beneath the numbers (inset top). The new plate moves motorists into the digital age for the time time whether they like it or not. The plates announce at the bottom. The new plate was the top vote winner in a public survey of three designs. It garnered 48.5 per cent support. It seems like a tradition to refresh the plates in Alberta. Here in Ontario the stodgy blue and white markers instructing us the province is Yours to Discover are pretty much unchanged since 1982. At that time the William Davis government said goodbye to the friendly urging that we Keep it Beautiful.  Alberta has had to deal with the rise and fall of political parties which co-opted provincial slogans. The Alberta Wildrose Party pretty put an end to the Wild Rose Country license plates. It was a bit like the arrival of the Yours to Discover political party in Ontario. This said, it may be time for Ontario to think about something more inspiring. Of course, there isn't a lot of money. In Alberta the provincial debt is negligible. 

No condos at Garden Court: Community Council

Community Council has now voted to reject the proposal to convert the Garden Court rental apartments to condominiums.  In doing so, council took the advice of City Staff which late in July said no such conversion was possible in light of municipal bylaws which protect moderate and low rent housing. The matter will come before full City Council on Monday, August 25, 2014, which is expected to follow the recommendations and also reject the plan.  Previous post 

Woman killed, man hurt at Vic Park and O'Connor

Victoria Park and O'Connor Drive has to be one of those most perilous suburban intersections. Wide open spaces with traffic coming at you in all directions. Today it has claimed the life of a 75-year-old woman pedestrian and injured the man, 77, who was with her. About 4.40 p.m. they were struck by a can as they crossed O'Connor. The woman died in hospital. Police said they were slower to find out the identities of the couple because they spoke Mandarin 

German firm Dr. Oetker picks up McCain pizza

The German-based food conglomerate Dr. Oetker has purchased the North American frozen pizza operations of McCain Foods. Financial terms of the deal were not available. It covers the Ellio’s brand in the U.S. and a two-year licence for the use of the McCain brand name in Canada. McCain has retained ownership however of its Pizza Pocket operation. The German firm has been headquartered in Mississauga since 1962 and has subsidiaries in at least 12 other countries including India, Brazil and Australia.  This year Dr. Oetker opened a new pizza-making plant in London Ontario and now adds  the McCain operations in Grand Falls, N.B., and Lodi, N.J. The company said all 300 McCain employees at both locations will be offered employment with Dr. Oetker. The deal is subject to regulatory approval in Canada. The Oetker firm does not appear to be widely known in Canada, despite its size. It was founded by Doctor August Oetker in 1891. He created an early and popular form of cake mix. 

Premier at municipal election event in London

Premier Wynne has addressed a fundraising event for a candidate in the London, Ontario municipal election in October. Ms. Wynne is said to have attended the meeting for Jesse Helmer on "her personal time". Mr. Helmer is said to be a personal friend of the Premier's. He is a newcomer to politics and is trying to defeat incumbent member of London Council Stephen Orser.  Helmer raised $4,745 for his campaign from the Tuesday night event at which Ms Wynne spoke. 

Scarborough sinkhole: No way to treat a Bimmer

Fire officials are poking around a sinkhole caused by a broken water pipe. Reports say they have plumbed the  thing to a depth of three metres at one point. Just a question of whether it swallows that BMW altogether. This is near Warden and Sheppard Ave. in Scarborough.

Private liquor sales here? Dream on people

It's a familiar old glass of beer every time anybody says it would be better for Ontario if the LCBO were abolished. Nice, but the Howe Institute makes a feeble case that the government would see more money if it did so. The institutes's other claim that prices would go down is a no-brainer. If that were the only issue for the Ontario Government to ponder, we would have private liquor stores in a wink. But it isn't. This government -- especially this government -- will never give up the cheaply-collected $1.7 billion which is pumped each year into the Queen's Park slush fund from the LCBO. Right now, the minister merely has to bark at the LCBO to send over the money and it's done. You may be sure that the cost of collecting the taxes required to part private distributors with their cash would be expensive.   Hamilton Spectator

High interest in Georgia's Slow Down signs

Interest continues to be high among people at large across Toronto in the signs created for Leaside following the death of Georgia Walsh. A selection of tweets may be found daily at #Leaside and Leaside on Twitter. Click the image to go to the FaceBook page which tells current status and availability. 

Copper staircase railings stolen on Spadina Rd.

Thieves broke into a home on Spadina Road between between Saturday August 9 and Saturday August 16, 2014 and disassembled the fabricated copper copper staircase railing from upper and lower floor staircases. No value is stated by police for the copper hand railing. The commercial price of copper is about $4 a pound. What do a couple of copper staircase railings weigh? 

Judge gives terror accused benefit of the doubt

It's good to be tried in Canada where the judge may give you the benefit of the doubt. In acquitting London, Ontario doctor Khurram Syed Sherhis of conspiring to facilitate terrorism, Superior Court Justice Charles Hackland said that while Sher, 32, probably harboured some jihadist sympathies, he was not convinced the doctor genuinely intended to join a conspiracy.  Globe and Mail