Act of ego! Girlfriend says pilot wanted to be remembered

Andreas Lubitz’s former girlfriend says he was planning an act that would make everybody remember him according to the German newspaper Bild and reported in the London Telegraph Friday night  The story also suggests that Lubitz had broken up with his girlfriend and his attempt to make up by buying her a new Audi had failed. If this story is true, it reveals a familiar motivation for violence against others among many young, namely their egos

Amanda Knox and former boyfriend not guilty — again!

Italy’s highest court has overturned the murder convictions of American Amanda Knox and her former Italian boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, ending a years-long high-profile case. Today’s decision ends a torturous journey during which Knox was found guilty, acquitted, found guilty again and now acquitted a second time. The Court of Cassation ends the legal battle fought by Knox and Sollecito, who have long maintained their innocence in the death of British student Meredith Kercher on November 1, 2007. Knox had been awaiting the verdict in the U.S. city of Seattle, Washington. David Marriott, a representative for Knox, told the Reuters news agency that she was “overjoyed” by the court’s action.Friday’s decision overturned last year’s conviction by a Florence appeals court.  The Court of Cassation also declined to order another trial. Prosecutors had said Kercher, a British student who lived with Knox when the two were exchange students in Perugia, Italy, was killed in their house when a sex game turned violent. A third suspect in the case, former drug dealer Rudy Guede, was given a 30-year prison sentence, which was later reduced to 16 years,

Pressure on Bell Media boss Kevin Crull must be intense

Some people say Bell Canada and CRTC are at war after the federal regulatory body publicly ticked off Bell Media president Kevin Crull because he attempted to censor coverage of a CRTC decision by Bell-owned CTV News. Maybe, but the CRTC has been Bell Canada’s best pal in growing the enormous company to its present size. Bell Canada has a finger in so many pies that it would not be unusual (especially now) to see Mr. Crull inspecting the bus shelter ads on South Bayview. Yes, that agency is owned by Bell too. You can’t say where its influence is going to show up next. Maybe the CRTC is having regulator’s remorse about letting Bell grow to the size of a mountain.  As far as Mr. Crull is concerned you can take a moment to feel sorry for him. He has bosses too, you know. The pressure on everyone at Bell seems to be intense. Crull wrote a very long explanation and apology for what he did and of course the people at CTV read every single comma on air. How humiliating for everyone, including Mr. Crull. Listen, we are the heart and soul of private enterprise at The South Bayview Bulldog. We know Bell Canada does not have the power to throttle news like it may occasionally throttle the Internet. But the company is way too big.


Let’s hope Montreal’s Entente Cordiale has real meaning

Globe columnist Marcus Gee writes a column in keeping with the tone of talks this week between John Tory and Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre — that is, peace is at hand. It will be a blessing if this Entente Cordiale brings prosperity, as peace often does. The differences between the cities are profound. For a century Quebec (and Montreal) have been promising to permit Ontario tradesmen and others to cross into that province to do business. But it was always a one-way street. If separatism is truly dying we may never again see the flight of business from Montreal that occurred in the 70s. Rene Levesque changed the map of Canada in a way he never intended by making Toronto the headquarters of all five of the banking big sisters. Worried executives had to ponder doing business with Canada from a foreign state. Let’s hope the solitudes are over. Marcus Gee, Globe and Mail 

Two dead in Toronto in hydraulic scaffold collapse

Two men are dead after a hydraulic scaffold collapsed at a construction site in the Bloor and Keele Street area. The equipment is used to hoist workers and materials up the vertical face of a building.

Leaside home that time forgot: Contents sale this weekend

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Here are pictures taken today (Friday, March 27, 2015) of the home at 30 Rumsey Road. It is a treasure trove of “brown furniture” and endless items from another age. It is truly a home that time forget. The contents sale begins in the garage at 7.30 a.m. Saturday (tomorrow) and  moves to the home at 8.30.a.m. The sale goes on Sunday as well.See previous post.

Co-pilot: vague reports of depression, broken relationship

Investigators are working all out in Germany to try to nail down what on earth was on the mind of co-pilot Andreas Lubitz when he apparently crashed that Germanwings jetliner on purpose. It seems like a difficult task and what has been learned is thin. There is talk that he was subject to depression from time to time but there isn’t a single friend or acquaintance who will say that. Experts seem satisfied with the evidence from the aircraft equipment that Lubitz purposely sent the plane into its fatal descent. Did he know it? They seem to feel he must have. Latest BBC report of today (Friday March 27, 2015).

Thieves take $38,000 worth of clothing from 222 Spadina

Toronto police are seeking four men involved for a break-and-enter involving approximately $38,000 of stolen clothing. It was taken from 222 Spadina Ave. near Cameron Street – on Sunday, March 1, 2015, at approximately 10 p.m.. Suspect #1 was wearing black pants, black jacket with reflective stripe on each arm, and black shoes with a white logo. Suspect #2 was wearing black pants, black jacket with hood pulled up and a dark-coloured scarf covering face. Suspect #3 has light skin. He was wearing dark jeans, black jacket, black ski mask pulled over face and white running shoes. Suspect #4 was wearing a black leather jacket with a dark hooded sweatshirt underneath with hood pulled up over head. The escape vehicle is described as a dark-coloured SUV or Crossover.

Woman shot in back needs surgery to remove slug

The woman struck in the back by a stray bullet that went through her kitchen window in a shootout in Mississuaga earlier this week is identified as Suzan Zreik, 30. She described the incident Robin Levinson King of the Toronto Star. The story is vague on whether she was hit by a police bullet or that from a 30-year-old gunman who was killed by police in the confrontation. The original report by a neighbor suggested it came from the gunman. But the innuendo in the story is that Ms. Zreik was shot by the police and that the cause was carelessness on their part. She told the Star writer that her mother went to the front door and yelled at someone who they had shot her daughter. The police replied that they had not. Ms  Zreik’s wound is described as a bullet lodged in her back close to her spine which will require surgery to remove. The family is thinking about a lawsuit.

Jollibee outlet would be welcome in Thorncliffe Park


There are reports in the media that the huge Filipino fast food firm Jollibee is getting ready to open in Toronto. Jollibee is little known in North America outside Filipino neighborhoods but it is an enormous company with as many as 2,800 outlets worldwide, 800 in its native Philippines. It serves a transitional cuisine of Spam sandwiches  and hamburgers topped with pineapple as well as native fries. Spam is the World War II staple which was introduced to the Philippines by the U.S. Army. The word is an acronym for Spiced Ham and continues to be a popular food there. According to Metro, there is no opening date set for a Toronto store but its arrival is much anticipated. .For many, having Jollibee at their doorstep “would be like going back to home,” Tess Cusipag said. She is editor and publisher of Balita, a Filipino-Canadian newspaper. There are a number of Filipino enclaves in Toronto, including Thorncliffe Park.

8 years for caulking gun injections to shape buttocks

Government tells airlines to keep two crew in cockpit

The government in Ottawa has directed Air Canada and other Canadian airlines to follow a two-crew in the cockpit policy. Presumably, in a case where there are only two persons capable of flying the plane on board, the third person would be the from the complement of flight attendants and stewards. It is a reasonable order as far as it goes but it cannot make flying much safer than it is. The Germanwings case, if the version now current is found to be the truth, reveals how easy it is for anyone who has a position of trust to sabotage airline safety. Trust is essential where people are responsible for the safety of  the public and it seems impossible to ensure absolute safety where it any staff member can betray it.