Spellbinding drama as ducks succeed in crossing highway

You will be riveted to this video as a family of ducks crosses a busy four-lane highway in Minnesota. The cars swerve, brake, nearly collide and pull off the road. It makes the occasional work of Toronto police on the Don Valley Parkway look easy. Truly a miracle. And quite dangerous for everyone.

Apple watch to be sold at Best Buy! Why not Canadian Tire?

You know the Apple watch is moving slowly when it shows up courtesy of Apple at Best Buy. So if you’ve got $450 lying around for a watch, pop into Best Buy. Not CTC. CBC 

Moving sidewalks shorten island airport trip to six minutes


bishop-w inset

The new pedestrian tunnel to Billy Bishop Airport on Toronto Island has been opened and it has turned the 10 or 15 minute trip (sometimes) on the ferry into a six-minute quick-walk along moving sidewalks and escalators. It seems like a nice job and the striking model of Bishop’s 1917 Nieuport 17 in which he reputedly shot down the Red Baron is wonderful touch. Bishop was, in any event, a true Canadian hero. The video below shows the plan for three years of work (2012 to 2015) and is quite informative. All in all, a job well done.

Sweet fragrance of paid work as Saks announces new jobs

Saks Fifth Avenue will hire as many as 365 people over the next six months to staff its Toronto stores on Queen Street and at Sherway Gardens. That number includes full and part-time staff. Work continues on the two stores which will open in the Spring of 2016.  Following department store protocol these days, there will be an emphasis on the profitable cosmetics trade. It may be hard to get 20 feet  inside without a squirt of some male, female or unisex fragrance. Hudson’s Bay Co. (TSX:HBC), owns and operates Saks after it acquired the New York-based company about two years ago. The retailer plans to bring seven Saks Fifth Avenue stores to Canada and as many as 25 stores under the Saks Off Fifth discount brand.

Smashed glass at Baskin Robbins on South Bayview

baskin-break-inAn overnight break-in at the newly renovated Baskin Robbins at the corner of Bayview and Millwood was a very impolite welcome to the brand new franchisee.  Reports say that the back door of Big Man’s Pizza was also compromised. Bulldog reader Claudia Vargas Thompson took her to Baskin Robbins and only to find out that a window had been smashed. “Raj, the new franchisee, told us he had had visitors last night (unwanted, of course). He looked truly concerned. Hopefully things get better for him soon. We wish him much success in this new location” Claudia wrote Baskin Robbins store re-opens 

Top Gear trio to make show for Amazon streaming service

_84571539_creditamazonprimevideo[1]Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will be making a (yet-to-be-named) show for Amazon Prime streaming service.  They will working with former Top Gear executive producer Andy Wilman.  The show is expected to be available worldwide in 2016.  More: BBC

Belsize couple invent South Eglinton game SERR-OPOLY

serropolyBelsize Dr. residents Sharon and Al, volunteers with South Eglinton Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association (SERRA) have created a wonderful conversation piece that will be debuted at the SERRA table, at Davisville Farmers Market’s Cause Day on Tues. Aug 4th, 3-7 p.m.  Serr-opoly is a fun way to initiate conversation about some very serious topics.  The board game covers everything from high rise development to heritage trees.  Are you willing to roll the dice against the OMB?  Be sure to visit Sharon, Al and the rest of the SERRA gang next week at the Davisville Farmers Market.

Police still undecided on charges in Dinnick Crescent fatal

Police are still undecided as to whether charges will be laid in the accident that killed Ann Anderson as she walked in Lawrence Park on the night of Wednesday, July 15, 2015. PC Clint Stibbe says the accident at the corner of Dinnick Crescent and Buckingham Ave is still under investigation. Ms. Anderson was struck by an SUV near the intersection as she crossed Dinnick. She died the next day in hospital .Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call police traffic services at 416-808-1900.

Lorenzoni helped by Good Samaritan, taken to hospital

A kind stranger called authorities for help when Mark Lorenzoni was found wandering in the shopping mall at Kipling Ave and The Queensway yesterday. He was not recognized by either the Good Samaritan or by authorities when they took him to St. Joseph’s Hospital. But within an hour or two someone at the hospital recognized Lorenzoni from the pictures in the media. It was then that his family was contacted. A happy ending in Toronto the Good.

Trophy-hunter dentist in hiding as media digs through past

Among the dirt being exposed about Dr. Walter Palmer is a payout of $127,500 to a woman employee who complained of  sexual harassment. Mailonline  Previous post