Exciting morning in store for kids at Davisville Junior PS

Children at Davisville Junior Public School on Millwood Road will have an exciting hour or two Friday morning when they are visited by two Olympic athletes, speed skater Amanda Overland and fencer Vanessa Laca-Warrick. They are visiting as part of the joint work of Canadian Tire and the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) to mark the efforts of Davisville kids in the development of “Hero of Play” (HOP) Physical Activity modules. Hero of Play modules are a resource for teachers to introduce a variety of Olympic sports and values into the classroom as part of the Canadian Olympic School Program.  At the end of the school term, schools in participating markets that have leveraged the program are rewarded with an “Olympic Day” play day activation. The visit tomorrow is set for 10.15 to 11.30 a.m.


Love-struck Noudga sent letters to Millard in jail

christina-noudga w dog

Crown exhibit shows Christine Noudga in 2013

Dellen Millard and Christina Noudga carried on a secret correspondence after he was arrested. The letters were smuggled in and out of jail by Millard’s mother, Madeleine Burns. The two were forbidden by court order from communicating. In some of the letters, it seems that Millard is asking Noudga to intervene with his friend and roommate Andrew Michaelski in order for him to change his evidence. The trial has already heard from Michaleski that Millard was talking about stealing the truck that Tim Bosma was advertising on Kijiji. In his letters to Noudga, Millard discussed his love for her — with florid outpourings like “I finally found the girl I have spent my entire life waiting for” and “I am tantalizing about your naked body.”He requests “dirty, sexy and classy” photos from her, and says he dreamed of sailing the world with her: “I wanted to set sail, just me you and Pedo and we’d head for the Atlantic…I dreamed of our ship’s return to Canada with you pregnant.” When asked if she was still in love with Millard after his arrest, Noudga sighed and told Crown Attorney Tony Lietch “Yes”. The trial will resume Monday, May 1. Below is a very good report on Thursday’s testimony seen on CBC local news.

Man assaults woman racially, spits in her face on subway

Police say a man assaulted a woman by spitting on her after making racial remarks and trying to stop her from boarding the subway.  It happened Sunday, April 24, 2016, at 9:38 p.m. when the woman and her daughter and aunt got on an eastbound TTC subway train at Victoria Park station. A man boarding the train tried to prevent the woman and her family members from getting on the train  On the train, the man made derogatory racial comments directed at the woman  He got off at Main Street station and he did so he spat in the woman’s face.  The man is described as 25-45, wearing a black toque, black shirt, beige parka, black pants and beige construction boots with black tips. He entered the TTC Danforth subway at Victoria Park station and got off the subway at Main Street station.

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Metal frame four-plex rises at Bayview and Merton

metal frame The full height of the four-plex apartment building at Bayview Ave and Merton St. is apparent this week. The builders of small steel residential buildings say they are a good investment, being stronger and more energy efficient. It’s not clear how the energy part works.

Brief summary of criminal acitivity around town

Two gangs collided at a party in a Front St. W condo on April 18, leading to a variety mayhem. The Young Buck Killas took the condo after it was advertised on AirBnb. This creepy transaction in the sharing society led the Queen’s Drive Crips to crash the party. Allegations of kidnapping and torture among the gentlemen present are now before the court. Two are in custody and two others are sought.



Punching suspect

A Queen streetcar driver was punched repeatedly in the head at a stop bear Peter Street in December by a man who was told he had an invalid transfer. The man tried to grab other transfers then allegedly punched the streetcar operator multiple times in the face and the back of his head. He is described as a white male, with a medium build and a moustache and goatee. He was wearing a black toque, a zip-up black hooded sweater, a black backpack and jeans. Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-5200, or Crime Stoppers at 416-222-8477 (TIPS).


A skull found near a trail in a park in near Weston Road and St. Clair Ave. West is part of the body of Rigat Ghirmay, a 28-year-old woman who was murdered in 2013.
A man is already in prison awaiting trial in her murder. He is Adonay Zekarias, 44.

Core Body Science holds fascia workshop, group classes

Kelly Dolson’s Core Body Science Pilates and Training Studio at 862 Millwood Road will hold a special weekend workshop on the care of the body’s fascia in May. That’s the thin sheath of fibrous tissue that wraps our muscles. In the video below, Kelly and associate Veronica Pena explain the value of keeping the fascia healthy and well-stretched. To introduce this form of body care, Core Fitness will hold a weekend work shop May 28 and 29, 2016. It’s a great way to learn more about your body and see if you wish to participate in fascia classes which will take place after the workshop. Kelly Dolson is a well-known Leaside area professional with a long career in health care. She is a registered nurse and former hospital emergency care worker. Core Body Science offers classes with modified movement instructions for each client’s unique fitness profile and adapts the exercise to allow each person to work to their own potential. The studio offers a full range of services to assist clients in achieving their core strength and ease of motion, including Pilates, Personal Training, Rehab with Physiotherapy, Muscle Activation, Fascia Stretch, and Acupuncture. To inquire about the fascia workshop or other services call (416) 799-0444

Former deputy chief Sloly hired by audit firm Deloitte

sloly feat

Peter Sloly

Former deputy police chief Peter Sloly has been hired by the audit, consulting and advisory firm Deloitte to advise it firm on projects relating to the company’s risk and forensic practices. Deloitte noted Mr. Sloly’s experience in cyber risk, security and social media in making the announcement Thursday. In a written statement, Ryan Brain, the regional managing partner for Deloitte in Toronto, said the former Toronto deputy cop is a “proven leader” and an “out-of-the-box thinker.”

OPP charge 80 with internet child porn after days of raids

The OPP held a news conference Thursday morning to announce a large sweep of alleged child pornography users that spanned Canada and the U.S. Eighty people are charged in Ontario and police say there will be more charges in future days. CBC

Kik app gives predators direct online access to children

An app called Kik that is kid-friendly but also predator-friendly is reviewed here by the CBC  The company that owns it is in Waterloo.

Multiple-choice contest to name zoo’s baby rhinoceros


Toronto Zoo knows how to get the public to take an interest. It’s running a multiple-choice contest to name the new baby rhino — and there are no wrong answers. The choice offered for the two-month old little fellow (well, not that little) are Nandu, Kaziranga and Vihaan. As explained by the zoo, Nandu means cheerful and happy, Vihaan can mean dawn of the morning or the beginning of a new era while Kaziranga is the name of a national park in northeast India that is home to more than half of the world’s one-horned rhinoceroses.

Bayview Valu-Mart’s Chad McDowell off to Edmonton

Chad and Alyssa McDowell, the amiable operators of the Valu-Mart at 1500 Bayview Ave. are on their way to Edmonton. Chad has taken an opportunity to run a larger store in the Alberta capital and the two have been packing bags for a few days now.  A new franchisee will be appointed but in the meantime manager Mike Tufts is in charge. Good luck Chad and Alyssa.

McDonald’s all but flattened at Eglinton and Bayview

gary mcdonalds pic apr 26Reader Gary Slippoy has a sent along this picture of the demolition at Eglinton and Bayview as of Wednesday, April 27, 2016.