Man caught breaking into cars on Sutherland Dr.

Police at 53 Division say they arrested a man breaking into cars on Sutherland Drive over the weekend and are reminding residents to keep vehicles locked.. Many of these cars had not been locked. Their reminder is to Lock It or Lose It.  They also ask that if you have been a victim of this type of crime, please report it to the police at 416-808-2222.

Some drivers still making right turns on red

Global News says it has seen drivers making a right hand turn on the red light at McRae Drive and Millwood Road since new signs were posted last week prohibiting this move. It may not be surprising since the signs were installed very recently but it is concerning. A comment posted by Louise Taylor suggested the city place signs in advance of the corner warning of the new restriction.

Minister charged with sexually exploiting teen, 17

Hamilton Spectator

3 motorcycles collide on 401 east at McCowan

Police are trying to sort out just what was going on when three motorcycles were heading eastbound on the 401 Monday evening when they started bumped into each other at high speed. Three riders, all men, ages 28, 45, and 45, are in hospital and police are asking for help from the public.   Canadian Press 

1st day of school will go well in South Bayview

Toronto children and teens will go back to school with an educational system that is more much in order than some across the country. Out in British Columbia, parents are faced with a full scale shutdown because of a teachers strike. Here in South Bayview, excellent schools will be open and teachers are ready to welcome pupils The Toronto and District School Board  has some useful words for first day. Also, Toronto Police Service 

Britain will compel jihadists to "deradicalize"

British Prime Minister David Cameron has outlined a wide-ranging program of compulsory "deradicalization" by which young Britons returning from jihadist activities abroad would be forced to undergo programs intended to purge them of homicidal religious beliefs. Some of the programs would use Islamic clergymen and be set in prison classrooms. Others, known as Healthy Identities Interventions, would be based on modern psychotherapy. The intent Cameron said is to do more than incarcerate those convicted of terrorist behaviour. His Labour Party counterpart, Ed Millband, said the programs should also be applied to anyone in Britain who is proven to share violent jihadist beliefs. This announcement and others related to passport seizures appears to signal a defining moment in the United Kingdom as the government responds to public concern about some 500 U-K citizens who have gone to Iraq to fight with the so-called Islamist State army. The IS atrocities are well known. It seems a reasonable and growing worry in Britain and elsewhere that this murderous culture will soon show up in Western cities Telegraph

Annaleise completes goal of swimming Lake Erie

Sixteen-year-old Annaleise Carr has completed her marathon swim across Lake Erie. She returned to the water late Sunday night to finish the exhausting final leg of her journey. In the first leg of the 75-kilometre crossing in late July she swam from Erie, Pennsylvania to Long Point Ont., a length of approximately 1,500 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Stormy weather and rough conditions eventually forced the Walsh, Ont., native to end the swim 33-kilometres short of her goal. Carr pushed through the second leg early Monday morning and finished around 11:45 a.m. in Port Dover, Ont. to a cheering crowd. Annaleise is swimming to raise money for Camp Trillium, a camp for children with cancer. Photos show Annaleise before she began swim this morning and previously receiving honour from Lieutenant Governor Onley.  All her pictures on Twitter   CityNews

Thorncliffe tenants party had a wonderful day

Thorncliffe Park Tenants Association had a wonderful day for its back-to-school party. The event is a chance for kids to have one last fling of summer. It was also the scene of  grown-up activities. Jon Burnside, candidate for councillor in Ward 26 was there. He reports that he was busy for a large part of the day handing out free candy floss. He mentions the work of Abbas Kolia, head of the tenants, Pat Moore of the association and well-known Leaside resident Vanessa Rose in making it a great day. Also present was Ward 26 candidate Dave Sparrow who tweeted his excitement at being at this event. 

Roehampton-Bayview beer store demolished

The Beer Store at 609 Roehampton Ave. (at Bayview) has been demolished. The saga of the long-standing beer store saw it close about two weeks ago and then there were reports that it would re-open. It might even have a Tim Hortons in the new store according to talk in the neighborhood. That would take about a year. All of this might still happen and the time it takes would be explained by the fact they're actually going to re-build the place. But as you can see, it's gone now.

Girl, 7, dies under wheels of tractor near Tweed

A little girl from Tweed, Ontario has died after falling from a tractor apparently while it was being operated by an adult. The vehicle ran over the 7-year-old. Accidents similar to this take as many as 100 lives in Ontario each year. Tweed is about 220 kilometres northeast of  Toronto

Open Streets 2 attracts larger turn-out Aug. 31

Those who were there certainly were loving it but the question the City must answer is whether there is enough interest in the Open Streets concept to justify it another year. There was a larger turn-out at Bloor and Yonge for Open Streets 2 than the first Sunday closing two weeks ago. Events of Sunday August 31, 2014 saw a lot of chalk drawing on the pavement, much as you would find at any neighborhood street party during the children's playtime. Difference here is that come 5 p.m., nobody has a martini hour ready to go. This event ends at noon and there is no alcohol allowed (a good thing). A modest concern again this week as bicycles mixed freely with pedestrians, including families with kids. It was a welcome sight that most riders were taking it very slowly as the conditions required. But some were not. We only have to look at the bylaws to know that bicycles are not allowed where pedestrians go. The odds seem high on a bicycle colliding with a pedestrian at some point. Call us alarmist if you like but the scene is set. Photos from left: Witty host John Catucci of the Food Network's You Gotta Eat Here was in good form as he solicited votes for David Soknacki. Lady in pink seems well-prepared for her cycling day and two proud residents of South Riverdale. A big South Bayview salute folks.

Sorting out the turkeys from the TIFF movies

It is a special thing to line up all night for a ticket to see a movie at the Toronto International Film Festival. Special, and in a way, quite unnecessary if all you want to do is see the movie. It's not like those people who used to line up to get a free turkey at Honest Ed's. They probably needed the turkey more than the average TIFF-goer needs the movie. And critically, if you didn't line up for the turkey, that free bird was gone forever. Gone. The movie, we hardly need to tell you, will be with us for as long as there are theatres and Netflix and, well, you get it.   

Old Beer Store knocked down on Roehampton

Canada limited coins mark 75 years of Superman

A nice complement to the FanExpo this weekend was the Royal Canadian Mint's display of commemorative coins (some still in the making) to mark the 75th anniversary of the creation of Superman. Superman was the cartoon invention of a Torontonian, Joe Shuster, who later went to the U.S and became an American. Along with a collaborator he worked up the character and sold it to Detective Comics. The rest is history. The story is told by The South Bayview Bulldog at the link below in a story from last summer about the Post Office commemorative stamps of the same anniversary. The coins are limited edition and quite elaborate selling for between $30 and $750 even though they have a face value of $20. They sell quickly.  Previous Superman posts Also check the informative post at the U.S. publication  Comic Alliance

Montreal teacher gets 20 months for sex with boy

Tania Pontbriand 
A former teacher and mother of two has been sentenced to nearly two years in prison for her long affair with a student who at the time was 17 years her junior. Tania Pontbriand was 32 at the time of the affair and the student was 15. Pontbriand was a gym and leadership teacher at an English high school in Rosemere, Que., a distant suburb of Montreal. The victim testified he and Pontbriand had sexual relations between 200 and 300 times over the two years — at her home, in her car, in her office, at his home and elsewhere. He said he was depressed that the relationship had ended and that he flunked out of school. It took until 2007 before he was persuaded to file a criminal complaint. Charges were laid in 2008. The judge said Pontbriand has exploited the victim's naivete, his lack of maturity, his dependence and his trust while he was her student. Pontbriand has appealed the guilty verdict. On Friday she asked the judge to delay her sentence by a week so she could spend time with her young family, but he refused and she was incarcerated on the spot. Largely impassive as the judge read his sentence, Pontbriand appeared visibly upset when the he refused the request. A number of people, including her parents, previously testified that Pontbriand's two young children would suffer if they were separated from their mother.

#FanExpo: Photos only cause what else matters?

Twitter photos of FanExpo