Scarborough boy shot in Jamaica during funeral wake

A 14-year-old boy Scarborough boy has been shot to death at a wake in Hunts Bay, Jamaica. Hunts Bay is a suburb of Kingston. Police identified the boy as Ricardo Williams of Scarborough and said they were looking for a person of interest known as Omar James, also known as Judge, in connection with the fatal shooting. Canada issued a statement saying it is  providing services to the boy’s family in Kingston.

The living dead are now apparently just the plain dead


We’ll keep this short. The odd Hollywood notion of the living dead was never a thing to dwell on for most people. But now, even for those who knew Zombie love, it seems this strange phenomenon is — um — dying out. Some 200 people marked the end of the Toronto Zombie Parade in a mock funeral for the event this weekend at the Royal Theatre on College Street. The walk has evidently run out of money. Those elaborate costumes and makeup must have been expensive. You can kind of see why it didn’t catch on with more people. There would have been no takers at the big banks for say the T-D Canada Trust Zombie Walk.

Where is winning $7 million 6-49 ticket sold in Ontario?

Somewhere in Ontario there is a $7-million winning ticket in Saturday night’s Lotto 6-49 draw. The grand prize for the next 6-49 draw on Sept. 2 will be approximately $5-million. The lottery’s jackpot was last won Aug. 5, when a couple in La Ronge, Sask. held a ticket worth $14.2-million.

Spat over dog dirt brings revenge of the house colours

Chicago homeowner. ticketed for too many dogs and for not cleaning up, paints his house in unneighborly colours.

TTC: Pleasant Blvd bus bays will be closed until December


The renovation of the bus bays at the Pleasant Blvd entrance to the St. Clair Ave. subway station has thrown commuters and buses out on the street. What’s more, the bays are going to be closed until December, according to TTC staff on the scene. Buses on the 88 Leaside and other lines pull up and hope for the best as potential passengers wander the sidewalks. Above is the lineup for the 88 Leaside.  That bus now loops back onto its route by heading out to Yonge St and turning right at St.Clair. Buses arriving at the Pleasant Blvd entrance now play an announcement as they approach the station warning riders to get a transfer or receipt so they can get into the station. In reality, the bus driver and toll booth operators don’t seem to care whether a rider has paid or not.

The Funny Waiter is good for a spill or two at Buskerfest

This is part of the act put on by a busker who calls himself the Funny Waiter. He is. The Bulldog found him on Yonge Street just north of Dundas Street. Buskerfest wraps up Sunday, opening at 11 a.m. and closing at 8 p.m.

Barrie police say abducted girl has been found and is safe

Barrie police have tweeted word that they have found the young girl abducted in Barrie on Saturday morning and that she is safe. Two people are in custody in relation to the incident on the City’s Dunlop Street East. The girl. who appeared to be under 18, was walking on Dunlop near Owen Street just before noon, when a man and woman drove up in a charcoal-coloured Dodge Magnum. The man got out of the vehicle holding a black gun in the air, then placed the firearm on the roof of the car. He demanded that the victim get into the car. Police have not clarified if there was a relationship between the parties (daughter, father mother?) and may not be able to do so because of identification. Nor did they say whether the taking of this young woman was even more sinister than that.


Picture shows the woman abducted with abductor apparently behind the pole


Roberto Alomar inspires kids at the Georgia Walsh Games

Roberto Alomar, 300 plus slugger for the 1992 Blue Jays and most valuable player that year, was at the Georgia Walsh All-Star Games at Trace Manes Park Saturday (August 29, 2015). He gave the kids an inspirational talk and then told Christine Simpson, of the CBC, of the present  Blue Jays powerhouse: “It’s been a long time.” But the modest Alomar said: “I’m a fan not a player now.”

Mischief verdict for video of women at Woodbine Beach


Wendell Craig Taylor, 35, has been convicted of mischief after investigation found a recording in his hidden camera of women’s behinds at Woodbine Beach. The Toronto Star reports that a more serious charge of voyeurism was dismissed because the judge could not conclude the videos were taken for sexual purposes. The crime reflects both the insidious nature of cameras and legislation that enhances privacy rights in a public place. For the most part, complete privacy is only ensured when a person is within a residence.  But the law permits the interpretation used by Justice Richard Blouin when he said the man violated his bikini-clad victims’ reasonable expectation of privacy in a public space and interfered with their lawful enjoyment of the beach.

Police seek man with beard in Sherbourne St. stabbing

There was a morning stabbing at Sherbourne St and Queen St Saturday morning. The information is less than fragmentary. There is a suspect, as recorded in police operations tweets seen below.