Woman killed by a GO train near Bayview, Rosedale Valley

Go trains cancelled north of Toronto

AMAZON: Just take stuff and walk out “without paying”

Amazon is ready to open its first Amazon Go bricks-and-mortar store in Seattle with a technology that permits shoppers to just take what they want and walk out without paying. Or something like that. The cost will show up on your account but there be no checkout. The video below released today tells the more detailed story and as of Monday evening has been viewed by well over half a million people. The most critical element in Amazon’s cocktail of software seems to be “computer vision”. It is a no brainer that the store will know you are in the place when it scans your card. But it then has to see you as you snatch stuff off the shelf. It has to see you. Not the guy beside you. Time will tell but Consumerist says today that there is rumbling that Amazon is so tickled with this system that it is dreaming of getting into the corner store business, or something. It seems any number of big operators could replicate the concept. .   .

Catholic schools not reviewed by Fraser because of strike

Readers curious about why the Fraser Institute review of Toronto schools did not contain rankings for Catholic elementary and high schools for 2015-2016, there is this reply from the think-tank to reader John Spence.  “Greetings, As the result of a job action by Toronto Elementary Catholic Teachers’ (TECT) Union, students attending schools operated by the Toronto Catholic District School Board did not write the grade 3 and grade 6 provincewide tests in reading, writing, and math during the 2015-2016 school year. Since we base our rankings on the results of these tests we were unable to include TCDSB schools in this year’s ranking.”

Many missing persons cases make up work of police

Missing people, as we have reported before, make up the majority of cases seen by police. Most missing people are found quickly. But some end in tragedy, like the discovery of a body, or people just vanish. Currently there are these missing people outstanding from the weekend: Nashona Smith, 15,  Sandor Horvath, 50,  Mustafa Ahmadzai, 23, Mona Riazati, 42,

Afternoon blockage of a lane on Bayview at Pottery

Liberal “democracy poll” hilarious and sneaky all at once

Writers and reporters were trying hard Monday morning to take seriously the government’s new online poll asking Canadians what they want to do about democracy. It is a fallback of both hilarious and superbly sneaky resort on the part of rookie MP and (by the way) Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef. Hilarious because of how it flees from the dangerous task of actually doing anything. Sneaky because the odds seem good that in the 25 days during which Canadians may comment you will have a hard time finding anyone in all South Bayview who has even heard of the gambit. Money being no issue, the government will mail out 15 million postcards to remind you to take this all seriously. The site is called MyDemocracy.ca if you’re feeling rebelious. No dictatorships of the proletariat or aristocracies please. Oh sorry, same thing.


Who stabbed Vitaliy Ferynskyy and where did it happen?


Vitaliy Ferynskyy

It is a double mystery for detectives probing the death of Vitaliy Ferynskyy, 32. He is the unfortunate man who went to Humber River Hospital on Wilson Ave only to find it closed. The hospital no longer treats emergency cases. Now police want to find out where he was so seriously stabbed in the hope they can then find something that will link him to his killer. Veteran homicide officer Detective Sergeant Terry Browne figures it can’t have been too far away from Humber River because Ferynskyy was so badly injured. He is asking anyone in that neighborhood to tell what they know, if anything, and to check cameras for video of Hyundai Sonata about 3 a.m.Sunday morning.

Montreal streets a skating rink as vehicles slide and collide

They had snow overnight in Montreal and this was the scene as recorded out an office window by Willem Shepherd

WORLD: He grows ear on arm to replace one on head

In China, surgeons have contrived to grow an ear on a man’s arm to replace the one he lost (the ear that is) in a car accident. Hope this doesn’t catch on like tattoos. Elsewhere, Prime Ministers out of a job. In New Zealand, John Key resigned reportedly because his wife gave him an ultimatum. Good man, John. And in Italy, Matteo Renzi is quitting because he lost a referendum to reduce the power of the upper house. That has the country in a political twist (below)

Reader ticks off snooty critics of Mt. Pleasant Dollarama

The imminent opening of the Dollarama on Mt. Pleasant continues to inspire comment. Today “orenwolf” was ticking off snooty snipers who think it is beneath the dignity of people to be excited about a dollar store. “You think people in Paris and London don’t have local newspapers/blogs that celebrate when local businesses open? I think you might want to look again,” says this writer. New Dollarama store readies to open at 732 Mt. Pleasant

Overlea Thrift Store accepting donations daily from 9 to 9

Krista Henry writes to say that the new but still unopened Salvation Army Thrift Store is welcoming donations at the Overlea Blvd. and Thorncliffe Park Rd. location from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.  They are interested in gently used clothing, housewares, furniture, electronics, toys, media and books, accessories, antiques and collectibles and computers. She writes that the store will open on Thursday, January 26, 2017 with a special Grand Opening ceremony that will be taking place starting from 9 a.m. with giveaways, entertainment and great shopping.

Roots debuts in Leaside in time for Christmas

The new Roots store at the Leaside SmartCentre on Laird will hold their Grand Opening event on December 10th, 2016.