Michael Ford, 22, is Ward 2 Councillor by a wide margin

ford kid

Michael Ford, 22

Michael Ford has been elected City Councillor for Etobicoke Ward 2. He replaces his late uncle and former mayor Rob Ford.  Ford, 22, opened an early lead and finished with 69.5 per cent of the vote (6,534) compared with 20.5 per cent (1,918) for second-place Jeff Canning, a small business owner.

Monstrous mission to kill disabled sees 19 dead in Japan

In Japan, a young man with a monstrous mission to “get rid of the disabled from this world” has killed 19 people and injured 45 more. This happened in a suburb of Tokyo when the former employee of a home for the disabled went amok with a knife. The island nation was said to be in shock Tuesday morning following the attack. The suspect, 26, walked into a police station and said “I did it,” Japanese media reported. He is identified as a former member of staff at the care home, which is in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, about 25 miles southwest of Tokyo.


Hydro vault fire reported at Brentcliffe and Glenvale

This fire occurred in the vault in the building under renovation at the top of Brentcliffe next door to the Lyndhurst Hospital.

East-end rooming house tenants in near-fatal scrape

roomer nut

Astrit Shkurta

Police are looking for Astrit Shkurta, 66, after a dispute of an unknown nature is said to have ended with shots Sunday afternoon. They say a  man went to an address in the Main Street and Danforth Avenue area at around 4:45 p.m. where he fired three shots point-blank at a 29-year-old resident but apparently missed him. The shooter then fled. The targeted man suffered minor scrapes in his haste to escape.  Mr. Shkurta is described as having curly white hair and a medium build, with two gold teeth. He was wearing a red or orange T-shirt or vest and dark pants. Anyone with information about the case is being asked to contact police at 416-808-5400 or call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477).

Strange Poke as woman shoots at players with pellet gun

Maybe it was the heat but a Newmarket woman will need a good explanation to avoid assault charges after someone took pot shots at Pokemon Go players with a pellet gun on Mains and Water Streets in New Market. No one was hurt. The woman is under arrest after she allegedly shot Pokémon Go players with a pellet gun from the roof of a building. The woman was on the roof of a two-storey. Patricia Champagne, 29, was arrested and charged with assault with a weapon and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.


Scourge of sex trafficking the preserve of young men

perp trafic

Ankush Monebhurrun

There is evidence again that he scourge of trafficking young women for sex in Toronto is largely the preserve of young men, some of whom are barely older than the victimized girl forced into the sex trade. As is often seen, a case reported by cops today seems to start in a romantic connection with unknown cultural assists to this unhappy lifestyle. Police say that in 2013, a teen and a man met on Facebook and began a relationship. Neither resided in Canada  In the Spring of 2016 they immigrated to this country. Police are very silent on the origins of these two. Once in Toronto, the woman began working at a spa and was directed by the man to perform sex acts on the customers so that she could earn more money


The woman was given a strict quota by the man and if she did not meet the quota, the man would not allow her into the home  He is alleged to have physically assaulted the young woman, said to be 19. He would not allow her out of his sight unless she was at work  A creepy aspect of this sordid business was his insistence that she talk to him on the phone the entire time she was “at work”. This matter came to a head on Thursday, July 21, 2016 when co-workers observed the girl’s injuries and police were contacted  The same day they arrested Ankush Avishek Monebhurrun, 21, of Toronto.

Shape of things to come at old Manor Road United

mru shape 560 The shape of things to come at Manor Road United Church include a walkway to the front door of the old church, seen on left winding by a tree. To the east (right) will be parking for a few. The gymnasium of MRU will be demolished to make way for parkland on the corner of Forman Ave . The City purchased this property from the church in recent months. When renovations to the 90-year-old sanctuary of the church are finished a new child centre operated by Monarch Manor will occupy the basement.

No really, Leaside United Church lawn is a Pokestop

Starbucks staff are now free to dye hair mermaid green

Starbucks has decided to let staff members dye their hair pink and wear coloured shirts under their green aprons.  Will this make the coffee different, of course not. That’s good. Apparently any hair colour under the sun will be permitted. Please be careful.

star hair

Hair like mine

Fake bomb detectors and other quirky terrorism news

The president of Iraq has finally told the army and police to stop using bogus bomb detector that can’t find anything. The news Monday is that for nearly a decade Baghdad’s many checkpoints used a “security wand” that detected a possible bomb. The wands were completely bogus. It had been proven years ago, even before 2013 when two British men were convicted in separate trials on fraud charges for selling the detectors. The devices, sold under various names for thousands of dollars each, apparently were based on a product that sold for about $20 and claimed to find golf balls. The country is in the best of hands, no doubt.


A Syrian man who exploded a suicide bomb outside a music festival in southern Germany was a rejected asylum seeker who was slated to be deported to Bulgaria, officials have said. Twelve people were injured in Sunday night’s blast in Ansbach, three of them seriously, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said at a news conference Monday. The bomber, who has not been named, was killed. Authorities said he was a 27-year-old known to police who entered Germany two years ago.


The unsettling roundup of people in Turkey goes on. Now 42 journalists were detained Monday says broadcaster NTV. As many as 60,000 people are in jail, out of work or otherwise under official suspicion bringing criticism from the European Union. The arrests have raised concerns among rights groups and Western countries, who fear President Tayyip Erdogan is capitalizing on it to tighten his grip on power.