Hooray — Air Canada is enforcing the size of hand luggage

Reasonable people who have some flying experience will no doubt appreciate the new requirements set by Air Canada for the size of hand luggage (so-called)  In any case, the airline is now being tough and if your case doesn’t fit, you or the luggage is off the plane. Natalie Kalata of the CBC has solid report.

Aga Khan Park on Wynford Dr. officially opened today

The Aga Khan is in Toronto for the ceremony and Premier Wynne spoke of the importance of the Nizari Ismaili belief and her view of diversity in Ontario. The Aga Khan is an honorary citizen of Canada in appreciation of the Ismaili commitment to the human brotherhood and the philanthropic work done by his highness personally.  CTV

Government to order OSSTF strikers back to classroom

Education Minister Sandals has announced Monday that the Ontario government is preparing back to work legislation which would force high school teachers to return to the classroom. She also said the Education Relations Commission has concluded that the present OSSTF strikes in three communities, and further strikes, would jeopardize the school year for tens of thousands of students. The NDP has said it will not support the back to work bill but the Conservatives will.

Police release composite of man in Don Mills incident


This is it

Police have released this composite sketch in the case of a sexual assault in the Don Mills area. A woman cleaner who was in a vacant home that was for sale reports that a man came to the door. She permitted him to enter and he assaulted her. The incident occurred Friday, May 22,m 2015 in the vicinity of Deepwood Crescent and Greenland Road, an established Don Mills residential area. It sits a block from the Shops of Don Mills. The Toronto Police Service is requesting the public’s assistance identifying the man who is described as white, in his mid-20s, 5’8″, 130 lbs., thin build, with straight, medium-length red hair that sticks out at ear level. He was wearing a faded orange T-shirt torn around the neck area, cut-off blue jean shorts below the knees with frayed edges and black running shoes with white writing.

Leaside Rookieball Reds are Wexford tourney champs

rookie reds-wide

Rookie Reds triumph in Agincourt

Leaside Team Red is the 2015 Wexford Spring into Summer Tournament Champion. Nice going guys.

Keewatin Ave. project inspires “density creep” alliance

A Toronto Star story tells of a development dispute on Keewatin Ave. near Mt. Pleasant north of Eglinton Ave. E. The four-storey proposal at 200-214 Keewatin will replace eight properties. The residents have called themselves the Density Creep Neighborhood Alliance. This project sounds more like the old “block-busting” trick of previous years where residential areas were transformed into multiple units. Keewatin was a neighborhood frontier. One side has high rises the other has homes. Now the frenzy is on again and so is the City’s toxic conflict-of-interest between neighborhoods and tax revenue. As everyone in South Bayview knows  the development craze is being fueled by the Eglinton Crosstown LRT. More and better transit is a mixed blessing. Mid-towners battle the rise of the midrise

Leaside’s CGS lemonade and cookie sale funds to Nepal

lemon kids-1

Lemonade and cookie sale sent $400 to Nepal earthquake relief

This is the sixth in a series of stories about Leaside’s Children’s Garden School. All stories  

Kids at Children’s Garden School have fulfilled their pledge to the CGS Principal’s Club by earning and donating $400 to the UNICEF Earthquake Relief Fund in aid of those struck so hard by multiple quakes in Nepal. The Principal’s Club teaches the selfless duty of philanthropy.

The Year 2014-15 saw the Club complete an incredibly successful year of fundraising for Children of Hope Uganda, the chosen charity for the past few years. But following the Lemonade and Cookie Sale on Wednesday, May 20 the children made a decision to divert this money to Nepalese relief.

The sale is a great way to finish off the year. The weather is fine and parents and staff love the event. Earlier in the year the Presidents Club students raised enough funds to help build  a playground at the Early Childhood Education Centre in Barlonyo, Uganda as well as provide books and educational materials for the children there.

The Principal’s Club is open to Grade 1-3 students at Children’s Garden School. Members gather once a week with Principal Marie Bates. They start out the year by choosing the charity they would like to support and spend the balance of the year learning about how they can help and preparing for their fundraisers. Philanthropy, both local and global, is a real focus of the curriculum for senior students at CGS.

The children come away from their experience with the club knowing that they have made a real difference in the world. The Director of Admission at Children’s Garden School is Kelly Scott who may be contacted at kscott@cgsschool.com and (416) 423-5017 x 43 The CGS website is here.

lemon-kids w stand

CGS President’s Club ready for business

Movie shoots slow traffic, shut down businesses


The much ballyhooed film Suicide Squad is being blamed for stalling traffic downtown. And it is. But the closure of commercial streets anywhere in the City for an over-the-to-top fantasy like a helicopter into a transit bus (above) usually does another thing — it devastates business for retailers and others who rely on walk-in traffic. For small retailers, it can wipe out a week’s receipts.  This shooting is on Yonge Street between Queen to College  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday  So movie shoots no doubt leave some money behind with freelancer film specialists and some hotels. But it takes a great deal of money out of the pockets of retailers

St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church seeking new music director


Old residence torn down to make way for Casey House

casey demolish-500

The 19th century residence at 119 Isabella Street has been demolished to make way for an addition to the Casey House Hospice. The building was primarily a residence for the staff of a wealthy family who lived on the other side of the street. An effort had been mounted to save it by moving it to a property at 92 Roxborough St. W. at the corner of Molson Street. But the property was not divided and attempts to do that met fierce local resistance..Many said the plan to save a historic building was really only intended to obtain severance.

Alan Redway’s online petition seeks review of Toronto

Former East York Mayor and MP Alan Redway has started a petition at Change.org asking the Ontario government to review the state of Toronto’s government. Mr Redway is campaigning for such a review, noting that this type of examination was a standard practice every ten years in Ontario. The history of these reviews is included in the petition. which is here. In speeches, Redway has observed that former Premier Dalton McGuinty called such a review like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube. The former mayor disagrees. He advocates a reversal of certain aspects of amalgamation.

Mt. Pleasant Restaurantacular on Wednesday June 24

The annual mid-week snacking event known as Restaurantacular will take place on Wednesday, June 24, 2015 this year. This is the one where eating places make up a short menu of items priced $2, $4 and $6. It’s always a hit. It is sponsored by the Mt. Pleasant Village BIA.