Bus blasts through red light nearly hitting woman

The TTC is promising to investigate and take action after one of its buses blew right through a red light at Eglinton Ave. E. and Ionview Road nearly hitting a pedestrian. In the video above we see two buses. It is the one in the curb lane to watch. As it approaches Ionview it seems to slow but then speeds up. What the driver has on his mind is uncertain but the pedal-to-the-metal move occurs as the light turns red for him. A woman is on the same side of Eglinton and she steps out to cross before realizing the bus in coming at her. The video was shot with a dash cam and posted by someone who calls himself Blue Team Player and the remarks of the occupants of the is more  revealing. The car is silent until the bus suddenly speeds up and the witnesses see the woman. "Oh...Oh...Ohh" says one occupant. "Did you get that?  I thought she was going to die there." Brad Ross of the TTC said the transit system is a professional operation and will get to the bottom of the incident. It is also true however that TTC drivers are under pressure to keep on schedule and in fact speed up if the route is running slow. 

LPOA to tie pink ribbons on Bayview Ave.

The Leaside Property Owners Association has posted its plans to place pink ribbons on utility poles along Bayview Ave. in remembrance of Georgia Walsh. The planned program is open to any who wish to participate and the LPOA has set a time of 2 p.m.Wednesday, July 23, 2014 to meet and begin walking up Bayview. The notice asks that everyone interested meet at this hour on the northeast corner of Bayview and Millwood ave.

Family of 20 human traffickers deported

A shocking glimpse of  some of the intolerable things that happen in our country is provided by the news that a family of 20 human traffickers from Hungary has been deported. In order to so this,  the individuals all had to be convicted in court, which they were, and then formally pronounced unwanted here. The deportation process is said to have taken two years and there are some individuals left to be removed. The family apparently lied to poor Hungarians and somehow arranged for their immigration. The victims were beaten and forced to live in wretched conditions. Toronto Sun 

"Must Boutique" to open at 1577 Bayview Ave.

The space at 1577 Bayview Ave has been leased to a clothing store, Must Boutique. The location was previously occupied by Chai on Bayview but has been fully renovated since that business closed earlier this year.   This Must Boutique appears to be an extension of the Montreal firm of the same name. It's website speaks of  Must Haves such as "beautiful silk tops, dresses, linen pants, skirts, shirts and so much more. Most of our fashions are made in Italy, new styles arrive every two weeks and practically all of it is under $100.00." Welcome Must Boutique

Air Canada cancels flights to Israel in rocket fear

Air Canada has followed the lead of American carriers and cancelled flights to Israel because of rocket fire near Tel Aviv. The U.S. Federal Aviation Authority has ordered all U.S. carriers to stand down on flights to Tel Aviv.  An Air Canada flight left early Tuesday for Tel Aviv but a second flight scheduled for 6:18 p.m. ET has been cancelled. 

Let us hear from police about Leaside accident

A suitable time has elapsed both for people to mourn and for police to know more or less what happened when Georgia Walsh was hit by a minivan at McRae Drive and Millwood Rd. last Wednesday. It is now proper and in keeping with their duty to the general public that the police tell us, as best they can, what they know.  They may say one of two things. Either they are still urgently investigating the accident with a view to possible charges, or they are not. If it is the latter, the authorities should make a considered report to the public. This is not an unseemly seeking of lurid detail.  It is from our knowledge of events and what it tells us about ourselves -- grown adults and children -- that we may understand and advise each other on prevention. Let us hear from the police. 

Canada Post trucks now parade through Leaside

Officers at 53 Division are naturally sensitive to the public concern in Leaside and all along Eglinton Ave. East about increased traffic. The National Post yesterday carried a story in which Sgt. Matt Moyer of the community response unit said the cops are concerned. The story suggests there might be a tougher rule for "outsiders" who go through a stop sign. A local might just get a talking to, said Sgt. Moyer. Many readers of The South Bayview Bulldog have noted the seemingly sudden appearance of little Ford Canada Post trucks. They are coming and going from the new postal station in the Wicksteed Business Park. They have been known to appear in what looks like a parade along McRae Drive.  There is much interest in the program of Slow Down signs and the main mover in this appealing idea is Roger Cattell. He has been swamped by requests from locals and others from all across Toronto. Those interested can inquire about the signs at leasidekidsatplay@gmail.com 

Death on GO tracks at Dundas Street West

Information is fragmentary out at the scene of a fatality on the GO Transit line under the Dundas Street West bridge. A young male is dead. He may have been there with friends. It's anyone's guess what they were doing but train tracks are not unknown as a playground for teens. The unfortunate death is also sadly part of the GO experience. The system no doubt does it best to keep trains on time but some of the delays are enormous. This is said to have stopped service for three hours. 

Freak of nature as Blue Jays lose to Red Sox 14-1

This game was as crazy as a European penalty goal shootout. Blue Jays get smothered by Red Sox 14-1

Ford no monkey as he climbs the monkey bars

There's no doubt Karen Stintz made Rob Ford look like a monkey at the Salsa "election debate" on St. Clair Ave a couple of days ago. The Lady from Lawrence Park revealed a saucy Salsa style and more charisma than we've seen from her during this whole interminable campaign. Ford was a klutz. But what a difference a playground can make. Today in Woburn Park our ungainly chief magistrate relegated Ms Stintz to candidate for wallflower as he clambered all over the monkey bars with his young son. A clever monkey he. The two members of council were there in Ms. Stintz political backyard of Ward 16 to open two new playgrounds. Ford showed up with his youngster and began to climb and bounce on flexible supports to the playground equipment. What does all this mean? Maybe not much except there is a trickle of twitters tonight that say this is the kind of thing that really rehabilitates a man.

Harper, Wynne at funeral for Georgia Walsh

The funeral for Georgia Walsh has seen a large gathering at St. Paul's Anglican Church on Bloor St E. Prime Minister Harper, Premier Wynne, former PC leader Hudak, Cabinet members Jason Kenney and Tony Clement, Deputy Mayor Kelly, John Tory, Karen Stintz and John Parker  (Ward 26) were among notables who attended. Two of Georgia's brothers, seen at the front of the casket, acted as pallbearers for their sister. Meanwhile, a tribute page set up to honour Georgia has raised more than $66,650 for Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children.  Photo: CP24 via Twitter

Requests from all parts of City for new signs

Concerned citizens of Leaside have been swamped with requests from their own community and from other parts of the City for the newly designed lawn sign asking drivers to slow down. Slow Down -- Kids at Play says the locally-designed and printed sign. One of sparkplugs of this campaign has been Roger Cattell of McRae Drive. Today he was able to show the first of some 600 signs to the media. 

Good morning Bayview, got a stone in your shoe?

Good day South Bayview. We're here to fix things up. Time for us to repair the junky "terrazzo" we installed last summer. Funny how that turned into gravel. Some people said it was just a bad batch. No kidding. Now you can get a pebble in your shoe when you go to COBs or wherever. What do all all those timber poles on the west side have to do with terrazzo. Nothing. They are part of Hydro One's ongoing replacement of falling down wires. Honestly, there isn't anything we would not do for you, South Bayview. 

Ford, Stintz open playgrounds in Woburn Park

Those odd colleagues at City Hall Mayor Rob Ford and Ward 16 Councillor Karen Stintz will oversee the opening of two new Woburn Park playgrounds today. The event will include a ribbon-and-cake-cutting ceremony. this afternoon  (Monday, July 21, 2014) from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Woburn Park is at  575 Cranbrooke Ave. and Barse Street.  

6 Astor Ave is under the wrecker's hammer

The little two-story home at 6 Astor Ave. is under the wrecker's hammer. It dates from the original construction of south Leaside in the 1930s and sits very close to the corner. The already re-built home of some years at 4 Astor sits seemingly half on Astor and half on Southvale Drive and Moore Ave. where the street changes names. 6 Astor was listed for $899,000 and sold on January 1, 2014 for $1,185,000. 

Can the Senate be constitutionally defanged?

Andrew Coyne on how to "defang" the Senate.