U-K research finds blood test that detects cancer

United Kingdom researchers at Bradford University say they have developed a blood test which seems to predict with near 100 percent accuracy whether a patient is suffering from cancer. The limited test done so far is very preliminary but its results are "powerful" say doctors. It sorted out those who were ill, or potentially ill, from the healthy patients with precision. The test is based in the newer science of genetics and shows once again the enormous power given to medicine by the mapping of the genome. The blood test is so far designed to detect melanoma, colon cancer and lung cancer. It relies on the examination of DNA of the white blood cells under ultraviolet light. The rigours of fighting cancer apparently reveal distinctive damage to the cells,  researchers say. The test has the potential save time as well as difficult and invasive exploratory surgery.  MailOnline 

Cops take aim at distracted driving addicts

It is no exaggeration to say that texting while driving is easily as dangerous as Russian Roulette. This comes to mind as Toronto and York Region Police along with the CAA launch a six-week campaign against distracted driving. The police feel drivers are just not getting it. It isn't hard to see the problem every day. People try to drive while they juggle everything from mascara paraphernalia to English Toy Spaniels. As a group, we are one crazy race. So the police have got the idea to hurt drivers in the pocketbook. The violation of the hand-held device legislation ranges from $155 to $250 on conviction. "We urge you to talk to your family and friends about the dangers and consequences of distracted driving and to focus on what’s important, driving and arriving safely at your destination," said Teresa Di Felice, Director of Government & Community Relations & Driver Education, CAA SCO. "When operating a motor vehicle, drivers must focus on the task at hand; distractions regardless of its form put everyone’s life at risk including your own. Make the right choice to not drive distracted, make the promise to focus on the road" said Acting Superintendent Suzanne Redman of Toronto Police Service Traffic Services. Here is a story from the archives of the South Bayview Bulldog that should shock any texting nut out of the habit.  Eternity separates texting lovers

Harry pulls "serious intent" photobomb at games

That royal rascal Prince Harry is having fun at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. His latest exploit is to photobomb with serious intent a nice three-person shot of some pals at the games. The inset pictures show Harry mugging in the background as former Olympic boxer Trevor Shailer (top middle), New Zealand rugby sevens coach Gordon Tietjens (left) and sports psychologist Gary Hermansson are happily getting snapped. Mr. Shailer posted the image to his Facebook page on Monday. Closer shot of the princely problem-making is in the centre. The news service also notes that Prince William can be spotted a few seats beside his brother, watching the events at the Tollcross International Swimming Centre. William's wife, Kate, is seated between them but not seen in picture. Last week, Queen Elizabeth photobombed two hockey players taking a selfie at the Commonwealth Games, proving that humor, and a love of the camera, runs in the royal genes. Canada is still in fourth place standing at the games. A doubly heroic gold medal was won by Perth, Ontario's Sultana Frizzell (inset bottom) in the hammer throw. She triumphed despite having lost her luggage on her way from a Portugal training camp to Glasgow. “I didn’t have my hammers or my throwing gear. Or underwear," Ms Frizzel said dryly. 

Royson James sentimental journey to "Flemmo"

Star writer goes home and finds among other things that transit isn't so bad. We get that.  Royson James, Toronto Star

Weekend break-in and robbery on Coldstream

TPS report -- A resident of Coldstream Avenue reports that between 2 p.m. Friday, July 25, 2014 and 7.24 p.m.Sunday, July 27, 2014, entry was gained into the premises by forcing a door. Removed was a quantity of jewellery, a laptop computer, and cash.

Cutting down concrete at Bayview and Millwood

All the utility poles on Bayview Ave and into the Ward 22 side of South Bayview are being replaced with tree-top high fir timber beauties. We're told they will last many decades. Now how to remove those old rotting concrete poles? Apparently it's necessary to cut them in half. This lineman was the focus of many sidewalk sightseers and would-be foremen as he methodically sliced through this pole on the northwest corner of Bayview and Millwood Rd. beside Wild Wing. It took about 30 minutes with stops and starts to get the job done. Note the sparks flying in picture at the left. 

A debate like the others except for the room size

Nasty but fairly predictable accusations about fairness at what organizers thought would be a polite little debate in a small auditorium  Global News 

Teen's cell phone burns hole in pillow, mattress

A 13-year-old North Texas girl was awoken in the night by a smoldering cell phone. a Samsung S 4, on the other side of her pillow, but the cell phone manufacturer says she did something they warn users about. Here are two reports on the story.

"Charity worker" nabbed in child luring scheme

A Toronto man who worked for child charities and who had never been known to police before his arrest last week is facing multiple charges of making and possessing child pornography and of luring a child under 16. He was caught apparently because an alert parent realized something was wrong with a daughter's online activity. The accused is James (Jim) Vanderberg, 57. Police allege he posed online as a young girl in an attempt to contact teens. Pam Seatle of City News said Vanderberg described himself as a "philanthropist and activist" on behalf of kids. She said his website describes him as "someone who recruits celebrities and connects them both locally and internationally with charities."  It's a crime that in many ways is the worst nightmare of charities organizations like one former employer, World Vision. It casts a shadow over all employees. Mr. Vanderberg was arrested Wednesday after members of the sex crimes child exploitation section executed a warrant in the city's west end. Several different email addresses and names were used, police said. The suspect "used these email addresses to pose as a little girl and reach out to other teenage girls," said Det. Const. Scott McQuoid. The addresses were created with ease and anonymity on Google. The popular gmail.com function is enormously popular for its simplicity. Parents may wish to be aware of  the names used:
Abigail Davies; abbydavies429@gmail.com
Danica Pines: danicapines@gmail.com
Maria Moon: zippym97@gmail.com
Natasha Z: natashamoo97@gmail.com
Jim Victory: jvictory@gmail.com
Ashton Gomes: ashtongomes98@gmail.

Muslims mark Eid at end of the lunar month

Saudi Arabia announced announced yesterday that Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim holiday marking the end of Ramadan, would begin today (Monday July 28, 2014)  Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Qatar, Syria, Jordan, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates also all announced that Eid al-Fitr would commence on Monday. Here in Toronto, many thousands of Muslims celebrate the holiday. Muslims worldwide celebrate Eid al-Fitr by visiting family and friends and exchanging gifts to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan. The exact date of Eid al-Fitr is determined by observation of the "Shawwal" moon at the end of the lunar month. The moon sighting committee in Saudi Arabia convened on Sunday to observe the moon and confirm the date of the holiday, Al-Arabiya reported. I24 

Red-light bus driver "no longer with the TTC"

The driver who blew through a red light at Eglinton Ave E. and Ionview Drive recently nearly hitting a pedestrian is no longer with TTC, according to Brad Ross, the head of communications. Video shot by a motorist using a dash cam shows the alarming sequence as the bus roars up to Ionview, slows slightly and then speeds right through the red light. A woman on the same side as the bus has to quickly retreat after having stepped out to cross Eglinton. Ross said the video was compelling. It may be seen in the previous post here. There is an improper setting on the YouTube video which states the date as being in 2012 but as had been noted there is poster ad on the side of the bus for the film Lucy which is in current release. All other circumstances would clearly confirm the video as current. 

Parking under TD at Bayview-Millwood closed

The Green P parking lot under the TD Canada Trust branch at Bayview Ave. and Millwood Rd is closed this week for maintenance. The top part of the parking facility remains open.

Afternoon break-in by forced door on Pears Ave.

Police say there was a break-in on Pears Avenue in 53 Division last Thursday (July 27, 2014) between 3 and 6 p.m. when entry was gained into the premises by forcing a door. A quantity of jewellery was stolen the resident reports 

Willis Blair Parkette named for former EY mayor

Willis Blair 
Toronto has honoured the late Willis Blair, the former of East York (1973-1976). Mr . Blair served the borough in various capacities for 18 years. The O'Connor Village Parkette on O'Connor Drive near Bermondsey Road was renamed Willis Blair Parkette. Janet Davis (Ward 31) joined Blair family members, former East York Mayors Michael Prue and Alan Redway, former Toronto Councilor Case Ootes (Ward 29) and members of the community to celebrate the renaming. Mr. Blair died April 5, 2014 at the age of 90. He also served as the chair of the Liquor Licence Board of Ontario.

Local floods as lightning, hail, rain cross Ontario

One of a number of places where cars were stalled by flooding is pictured by Global news on Twitter. The scene is at Highway 404 and Steeles Ave. E. There has been hail in Brampton as well as in Unionville. In Southwestern Ontario, there are reports of downed trees and heavy rain.  Twitter #onstorm  CBC gallery of storm

Red Bull daredevils in scary cliff diving contest

American Steve LoBue has won the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series event in Portugal. Amazing scenery and gut-wrenching dives. Simon Longden of ITN narrates this little story for your pleasure and enlightenment. We liked it.