Gallagher's boyfriend "not thrilled" -- Really?

As posed by the South Bayview Bulldog in the post below "Would you travel with a man you had never met?"  You can vote on this social (and personal) dilemma of the day by picking one of three choices offered: 1. Sure, I'm not scared 2. Maybe if I liked him a little or 3. No Way Jose. But as it turns out, there are other questions out there. In a comment to People magazine Elizabeth Gallagher, the 23-year-old stand-in lady from Cole Harbour with the right name, admits that her boyfriend is "not too thrilled" she is heading off around the world for weeks with Jordan Axani, 28, of Toronto. Really Elizabeth? What a poop he must be. Dump him this instant. For his part, Mr. Axani is evidently looking forward to his fantasy trip with Ms. Gallagher (No. 2) but he has not said what caused the end of his relationship with the first Ms. Gallagher. Yes, its complicated. The second Ms. Gallagher had to have the same name as the first so the pre-paid tickets were valid. Fun eh? Of course, it's nobody's business what happened to Mr. Axani's relationship except perhaps for the second Ms. Gallagher. And maybe she already knows. It seems  like such an obvious question. If so, she isn't telling. Does one have to be especially old-fashioned to find these details important? 

Couche-Tard (Mac's) buys U.S. corner stores

New York Times 

Would you travel with man you had never met?

Jordan Axani wants to make it very clear, there's no romantic intent in his planned fantasy trip with a young woman he hardly knows. But then, who can predict that? The lucky (we suppose) girl is Elizabeth Gallagher, 23, a student who applied for the opportunity when she saw the offer on Reddit where Axani advertised it.  CBC tells the complicated tale but as excited as she is, Ms Gallagher, from Cole Harbour N.S. hints at what many people might feel about this adventure. "It's less spooky now that I've spoken with him." Well, that's nice.

What about you Ms. South Bayview? 
We want to know if you would accept a trip in these circumstances. 
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Can the Classic help Blackberry hang on?

BlackBerry launched its greatly heralded Classic phone Wednesday (December 27, 2014). The reviews are very good and yet it seems impossible that the Classic can do more than shore up the remaining Blackberry clientele who have stuck with previous keyboard devices. Of course the talk is highly opstiistic with Blackberry saying it can win back market share and woo those still using older versions of its physical keyboard devices. The Waterloo technology company said the new device has a larger screen and longer battery life while maintenance compact smartphone seize. It is reminsicent of the  popular Bold and Curve handsets and expanded app library with access to offerings from Inc's Android App store, and a browser three times faster than the one on its legacy devices. Business Today

Jury finds Husbands guilty of 2nd-degree murder

Christopher Husbands has been found guilty of second-degree murder for the reckless fatal shooting in the crowded Eaton Centre food court. He is also guilty of five charges of aggravated assault for the wounds incflicted on innocent bystanders. Husbands fired 14 shots in the food court on June 2, 2012, sending hundreds fleeing. The gunplay stands as yet another case of mindless disregard for human life Toronto has had to learn to absorb in recent years. Husbands had admitted killing two men and wounding five others, but had pleaded not guilty to all charges against him. His defense included a "kitchen sink" of mental distress including post traumatic stress from a beating on a different occasion through to some sort of insanity.The jury decided otherwise. What the jury did not hear 

Caring enough about Rehteah to speak the truth

The Justice Minister of Nova Scotia has lifted a ban on the publication of the name of the unfortunate and now deceased young woman who has been the subject of a national tale of gossip and scandal for more than two years. She is of course Rehtaeh Parsons. Her story has been sensationalized to an outcome which leaves many people with deep regret. Regret not just about bullying and teenage bad judgement but also for the morbid fascination it held for the media. It is true that this pretty teen with the delicately rebellious name (Heather spelled backwards) suffered a terrible agony of humiliation and shame at the hands of those she thought were her friends. But it is also true she committed indiscretions which exposed her to this abuse. Please do not bother to complain that this is blaming the victim. The facts are the facts. If others had had as much concern for Rehtaeh she might still be alive. Any adult knows the odds were high for her to grow up and lead a happy life. In making the decision to permit publication, the Nova Scotia Minister, Lena Metlege Dia, has said there will  be no prosecution as long as Retahah's name is not used in a derogatory fashion. That's fine but we trust the minister will accommodate the truth about this sad matter before seeking to charge anyone.

Topping off Gingerbread house at Bamboo Bay

Carrie Tse owner of the kids creative school Bamboo Bay has tweeted this picture of important Gingerbread house construction.  Bamboo Bay is in the heart of South Bayview, upstairs over Write Impressions at Bayview Ave. and Millwood Road. (416) 901-1255 or visit  

Sydney hostage describes siege and escape


Gerald Storch is the new CEO of Hudson's Bay

Gerald (Jerry) Storch
Gerald (Jerry) Storch, a veteran of Toys R Us Inc and Target Corp, has been appointed the new chief executive of Hudson's Bay Co. Mr. Storch will have responsibility for guiding The Bay and its blue chip subsidiaries Lord and Taylor and Saks to a successful launch in Canada and especially to expand their online presence. Storch replaces Richard Baker. He remains at vice-preident and governor.   Hudson's Bay's total online sales touched C$228 million ($196 million) in the third quarter, accounting for about 12 percent of the company's retail sales. Storch's appointment will come into effect on Jan. 6, Hudson's Bay said on Wednesday. Baker will continue as governor and executive chairman of the company, a centuries-old firm with roots in the fur trade. Reuters

Fire call on Davisville between Yonge-Pailton

There was a call for the Fire Department on Davisville Ave. between Yonge Street and Pailton Crescent this evening (Tuesday, December 16, 2014). It was cleared shortly.
A gas leak forced the evacuation of an Etobicoke seniors' home on Tuesday but residents were returned to the building shortly after firefighters got the situation under control. It happened at Leisureworld Caregiving Centre, a 3-storey facility on Humberline Drive with approximately 160 beds.. The call was upgraded to a two-alarm event, though no injuries were reported. It's unclear what caused the gas leak.