Catchy headline says there 6,500 slaves in Canada

A catchy headlslaveryine says there are 6,500 slaves in Canada. It is part of a dramatic presentation by an anti-slavery charity. By the conventional notion of slavery there are zero slaves in Canada. There is nobody here who is legally owned. Perhaps the active anti-slavery mind will wring a definition out of something else. The story, as published by Global News, is light on definitions. Economic privation and sexual confinement come to mind. There is no reference in the story to criminality. The study is the work of the Walk Free Foundation, created by Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest and his wife. It is said on Wikipedia they have pledged to give half their wealth to charity while they live. Global News

Alligator bag auctioned for some C$400,000 in Hong Kong

An Asian collector has paid the equivalent of nearly $400,000 Canadian for a matte white Diamond Himalaya Niloticus crocodile diamond Birkin 30 with 18K white gold and diamond hardware by Hermes at Christie’s Hong Kong Monday. It is the most expensive handbag ever sold according to news sources. The posh purse crafted from pale Himalayan crocodile leather and encrusted with 245 diamonds was originally produced in 2008 and sold in 2009, and remains one of the rarest and most desirable bags in the world.

Bad boy no more, Ronnie Wood father to twins at 68

At 68, guitarist Ronnie Wood has become dad to twin girls, Gracie Jane and Alice Rose. The Rolling Stone guitarist is married to Sally Humphreys, 37. She is a theatre producer. Ronnie Wood has four other youngsters and nine grandchildren. Wood has lived a long life and beyond his music is recalled for the 1977 “relationship” with the newly-separated Margaret Trudeau  A 2007 autobiography by Wood revealed details of his encounter with a “lovely, dark-haired woman” at a Toronto hotel who happened to be Margaret Trudeau.

Dellen Millard’s counsel up first with closing statement

pillay feat

Ravin Pillay

Dellen Millard’s lawyer is insisting that the Crown’s contention that the murder of Tim Bosma was pre-meditated has not been proven. Ravin Pillay says in his closing arguments it was co-accused Mark Smich who pulled the trigger. Smich, said Pillay, was “desperate” and that he shot Bosma in the cab of the Ancaster father’s Dodge RAM pickup truck.  Pillay claimed Tuesday that Millard panicked after Smich shot Bosma and tried to help his friend with the coverup. He says Millard is an accessory after the fact to the crime and that his actions both before and after Bosma’s death show there was no plan to kill the man and burn his body in an animal incinerator, as the Crown has alleged. More.

Scotiabank Q2 profit down on energy sector bad loans

Depositors and stockholders at Scotiabank are looking at news stories about the bank’s “restructuring” costs and digital plans for what it all means  Scotia hinted at  the restructuring charge earlier setting aside money for bad loans apparently largely related to the energy (oil) sector. Profit for the quarter was down nearly 12 per cent compared to $1.80 billion of net income during the same period last year. After adjusting for the $278-million restructuring charge the bank’s second-quarter profit rose four per cent to $1.86 billion, or $1.46 per share. The president, Brian Porter, said loan losses in the energy sector are expected to decline next quarter. He says: “Customer behaviours and preferences continue to evolve, and Scotiabank is driving a digital transformation across all customer touch points in order to deliver a consistently excellent customer experience.” Touch points? Hope there are still a few left.


Peel police find and return Junior to 12-year-old owner

junior 550

Any day police can return a stolen puppy to its 12-year-old owner is a good day. Let’s count this to be the case as Peel cops somehow tracked down a youth who snatched Junior, an American Bulldog, away from the lad as he and another boy played with their dogs in a park. Police are expected to have more to say about this Tuesday.

Worn treads on car caused “open door” Bloor subway

The stuck door on a TTC subway train last week was caused by worn treads, spokesperson Brad Ross says. He also confirms that repair protocols were not followed and as a result an employee will be disciplined. It happened as the eastbound subway train left Castle Frank Station. The exciting and dangerous ride was captured on video by rider Kamel Javed and is seen as the link below. “It’s a normal wear and tear type of issue on the door tread,” he said. “But when that happens, there are mechanisms and protocols that we must follow to deal with those doors. Close, lock, isolate them and then barricade them. Those things did not happen.” See the thrilling Open Door ride

Farmers Market at Trace Manes Wednesdays this summer

Appletree Farmers Market will set up this summer on Wednesdays in Trace Manes Park. The first will be Wednesday June 8, 2016 from 3 to 7 p.m. They will continue through to August 24, 2016. This market will complement several others locally as shown.

Dangerous UK cheese chase rooted in pagan fertility rite

The hugely popular and very dangerous Cooper’s Hill Cheese Chase in Gloucestershire, England has been held, an annual event possibly rooted in pagan fertility beliefs. It is so dangerous it is banned — after a fashion. The chief constable always issues a warning that the foolhardy cheese chasers who tumble down the steep 3 in 1 hill do so at their own risk. There are always some injuries but nothing recently like the 1993 toll of 15 people to hospital. Since the early 1800s the game is to run or fall down the 200-feet course to capture a 9 pound round of Double Gloucester Cheese. The cheese roll is a  dangerous object at 110 km or so. The hill chase is said to have originated in pre-Christian chasing of firewood down the hill which was somehow related to  fertility. Who knows.

Women grads are one, two, three at Toronto Fire Academy

For the first time ever, women have placed one, two, three at the top of the Toronto Fire Service Academy’s graduating class. We hear from two of them, Annemieke Struyk and Katherine Shirriff in this late video from the CBC. No doubt there is more to come.

Leaside Volleyball girls 15U win silver at Penn State tourney

Leaside Volleyball 15U girls a have won the silver medal at the Penn State University tournament over the weekend. Great season ladies and welcome home.

volly girls

Nasty trailer park-style fight outside Mississauga Costco

This trailer park-style confrontation in the parking lot of the Mississauga Costco at Dundas and Dixie has revealed again the dangerous underbelly of ordinary folks in hot weather. Or maybe all the time. The police have cautioned them all which is sensible. So far no online petitions demanding an end to bad behaviour. Caution: Bad language too