Burnside won in Leaside, Parker in Thorncliffe

The City of Toronto Thursday published the official results from Monday's general election. This information includes voting by subdivision and in the case of Ward 26, shows that Jon Burnside won in as many as 37 of the riding's subdivisions. Burnside is shown to have done well in the more affluent neighborhoods of old Leaside and Bennington Heights. The lawn sign count in advance of the election signalled this type of outcome. John Parker, the incumbent, won in 16 subdivisions almost all of them in Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon. Ishrath Velshi drew strength here as well although it does not appear she won any of the subdivisions. 

"Technology and stuff" inspires #ChevyGuy trend

When a Chevy sales rep not so used to appearing on television made the MVP award to Madison Bumgarner last night he got a little tongue-tied and finally lauded his company's Colorado truck as having "technology and stuff.". Today the  #ChevyGuy is a trend on twitter and a hit on YouTube, Many are saying cut the guy some slack. 

Ill woman planning death has second thought

9 News 

Tim Cook: Do we need to care about his sexuality?

Tim Cook the CEO of Apple has written a short essay announcing he is gay. Good for him. You might think that the world would be able to leave it at that. Is it just the media wind tunnel that needs to labour this highly personal matter to no particular purpose? Is it okay not to care about Tim Cook's sexuality? Or, should decent people try to find more meaning than ever in it, as if it were the first time, so to speak. But it isn't the first time. And it's not supposed to matter. Twitter  Telegraph 

"Merchant" wins CFIB small business contest

Dan Kelly (right) is seen with Rob and Pam Horwood of South Bayview's Merchant of Tennis. Kelly is CEO of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and he presented the Merchant with the CFIB designation of Canada's Favourite Small Business. The contest used hashtag #MyFavSmallBiz and relied upon customers to tweet the CFIB as to which company was their favourite. 

Ont to consult parents on new sex ed curriculum


Name of St.Clair bridge victim still unknown


Dump truck box blows away Highway 400 sign

Highway 400 was closed at mid-morning as the transportation department worked to remove an overhead sign at Teston Road that was heavily damaged before dawn by a dump truck with the box up. The structure of the sign has been damaged by the truck so the supports of the sign will have to be removed along with the sign, OPP said. (Note to dump truck engineers: They put rear view signals in cars. How about something on the dashboard that alerts a driver that the box is up? Or do they just like to bomb around this way?)  Photo:video capture CP24. 

High-minded EU in dirty trade with N. Korea

The EU, land of Audis and Mercedes. Hmm. CNN

Burned body found under St.Clair Ave. E. bridge

A burned body in an odd setting of spray cans and candles has been found under the St. Clair Ave. E bridge on the western edge of Moore Park. Police were called to the location about 8.30 Wednesday night (October 29, 2014). When paramedics arrived, they found a badly burned body at the scene, surrounded by candles and spray paint cans. The victim has not yet been identified. Police say they’re waiting for the results of an autopsy to rule out foul play

Giants beat Royals in squeaker to take pennant

The San Francisco Giants have defeated the Kansas City Royals, 3-2, in a winner-take-all World Series Game 7. Newsday

Harper to unwrap mom-and-dad income-splitting

Blomberg News is saying that Prime Minister Harper will announce plans Thursday (October 30, 2014) to allow couples with children to divide their income for tax purposes, fulfilling a campaign pledge ahead of next year’s election,  The measure will let Canadian families split up to $50,000 of income. 

Mt. Pleasant fender-bender led to man's murder

It's a crime that crushes the human spirit. It is the murder of  a dignified family man over the $950 bill for a fender-bender accident on Mt. Pleasant Rd. near Roehamtpon Ave last year. Kimnarine Keshan Maharaj, 24, pleaded guilty Wednesday (October 29, 2014) to second-degree murder in the unimaginable attack with a knife and brick on Anthony Koko Chang, 62. Even more astonishing, the meeting at which the attack occurred took place two days after the accident as the men met at Mr. Chang's North York home to settle the bill. Instead, Maharaj exploded in anger, killing the pacifist Chang, a practicing Buddhist. Today the judge sentenced Maharaj to life in prison with no parole for at least 12 years. Maharaj, who emigrated seven years ago from Trinidad, was working two jobs — one as a mechanic at the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery and another as a labourer. He had no prior criminal record. His wife was pregnant with their first child, a son that Maharaj has never held. The story is well told in the video from Global News below. 

80 years later it seems Anything Goes still applies

When he wrote the saucy lyrics to Anything Goes in 1934, Cole Porter might have said that he could never guess what would be acceptable in 80 years in the field of sexual physics.  This week we have seen that the CBC, for example, thinks that punching women as a form of fulfillment does not go. So far as we can tell, this was its reason for firing Jian Ghomeshi. But the Canadian Press, while surely not condoning out-of-nowhere punches (agreed to in advance or not) has hurriedly dispatched the linked intelligence about the gentler side of BDSM, or bondage, dominence, sadism and masochism. CP's Cheryl Ubelacker. If you don't care about BDSM, here are the lyrics to Anything Goes. Very amusing. Nothing there to get you fired.
Actress Lucy DeCoutere has told the Toronto Star that she was slammed against the wall and otherwise hit by Jian Ghomeshi until her ears rang. This occurred about ten years ago as they "made out" and Ms. DeCoutere says she did not complain to the police. She is the first of possibly eight women who have complained about Ghomeshi who has agreed to be identified. 

Tory repeats vow to privatize east-side trash

Mayor-elect Tory has repeated his undertaking given during the campaign to privatize garbage collection on the east side of the city. That was reported by CTV Wednesday. Also this day, Tory told CP24's Stephanie Smyth that he won't be accepting any invitations to talk with Jimmy Kimmel or similiar opportunities. 

Cops get nails painted to fight breast cancer

53 Division traffic officers Alex Li and Jazen Brautigam (with another colleague behind) have had their nails done so to speak in  support of  Breast Cancer Awareness, This act was carried out at the Ten Spot.  (You can visit a Ten Spot on South Bayview just north of Fleming. Cres.) It is part of a Twitter campaign going at #PinkManiCURES  and #breastcancerawareness. Great guys.