Black Friday zanies out in force across U.S.

Here we see shoppers ducking under the security gate as it's lifted to open business in Philedelphia. Whoa! Sure hope they survived. 

Landslide blocks Highway 403 at Hamilton

Police say that this landslide has blocked the eastbond lanes of Highway 403 at York Blvd in Hamilton. No one was caught in the large collapse of trees and earth. Photo: Spectator via Twitter

Tori and Cates to sell baking, sales equipment

Part of auction circular
Tori and Cates Cupcakes will auction off baking, kitchen and sales equipment this Sunday, November 30, 2014. A printed circular from Michael Takis, restaurant auctioneer, has been dropped off at restaurants on South Bayview Ave. Although there has been no announcement to this effect, it would be certain that the cupcake shop is closed permanently. A $200 refundable deposit is required to bid and the items include such things as a Blodgett oven with legs, a 20 quart dough mixer, a sink, marble counter top, refrigerator and freezer plus an under counter refrigerator, a cash register and other items. There is a phone number for Mr Takis: 647-704-8113.    

Dolly Jewellers November prize draw is on again

Dolly Jewellers at 1699 Bayview Ave is again offering a chance to win a November prize draw in the lead up to Christmas. Residents can win one 200 prizes by dropping into the store and entering. No purchase is necessary.

Power back on, classes resume at Leaside High

Power has been restored to Leaside High School and classes will resume this morning (Friday November 28, 2014). The word was tweeted overnight by Ryan Bird at TDSB Media Relations. 

Can new mayor fix TTC "dead zone" on Bayview?

John Tory spoke Thursday (November 27, 2014) promising to restore service to certain bus lines which were reduced during the time of Rob Ford. Two of the lines to lose vehicles in 2011 were the 11 Bayview and the 81 Thorncliffe. The mayor-elect did not list the lines that will be restored. He was flanked at City Hall for "state-of-the-City" remarks by Andy Byford, chief general manager of the TTC and City Manager Joe Pennachetti. Mr Tory talked about how the city is coping under "severe fiscal pressures" and the challenges he faces as mayor in the next four years. He touched on growing poverty and unemployment, as well as rising demand for housing and shelter solutions. He mentioned the deteriorating infrastructure and how it's leading to more basement flooding. "It's a big problem affecting thousands of people," Tory said. The new mayor seemed intent on casting the issues as crisis-like. As to transit,  Mr. Tory said the TTC is still "reeling" from the cuts made by the Ford administration. In South Bayview neighborhoods like South Leaside, Bennington Heights, Moore Park and Deer Park many may feel renewed hope from the remarks. They seek a bus service to provide access to the Bayview Ave. shopping neighborhood. The absence of service from residential areas south of the stores and businesses around Bayview and Millwood Rd. has been a long-time source of dissatisfatrion. Such a service would benefit merchants and seem to be an important matter for the as-yet unformed Business Improvement Association.  South Bayview bus routes hit by cuts  A fix for the TTC dead zone on Bayview Ave.

Ryerson U sends "chaperone" with hockey team

Ryerson University has assigned what is being called by some a chaperone to accompany its hockey team on the road this season following a drinking incident last year. An atheltics co-ordinator, Brian Shantz, now travels with the team. The players are said to be taking it fairly well. National Post (may have paywall)

"Footwear felon" case sees shoe theft charges

Security camera 
The case of the footwear felon has seen the laying of charges against a 28-year-old man in York Region. Cops say that Mattieu Petrin turned himself in at a regional police station in recent hours. The hunt had been on for more than a week after a person engaged in a series of incidents related to shoe smelling, foot licking and and outright footwear felony. It began Wednesday, November 19 in Richmond Hill in a tanning salon. A man asked a woman if he could see her shoe because he was shopping for shoes. She agreed and  the man smelled her shoe before fleeing with it.  The next day a man went into another Richmond Hill tanning salon and began asking a woman questions about her boots. It’s alleged he grabbed her. He removed her boot and sock and licked her foot.  There was no consent. That may be  important because it probably isn't illegal to lick a person's foot if you get permission. (we're just guessing, really). The man then fled with both the boot and sock. Similar incidents were reported at tanning salons in Aurora, Innisfil and Bradford. On Wednesday, The accused man is charged with four counts of sexual assault, three counts of theft under $5,000, sexual interference with a person under 16 and robbery

Work to go on all night to fix power at LHS

The latest update from Ryan Bird the school board about the power outage at Leaside High came at 4 p.m. Thursday (November 27, 29014), Ryan says the work is still going on and will apparently take all night. The best he can say is that he will be tweeting early tomorrow on the situation.  There may not be classes Friday. Keep tuned to the TDSB Media Relations Twitter account 

Doug Ford will not run for leader of Ontario PCs

Doug Ford will not run for the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party and instead will support Christine Elliott for that job. Ms. Elliott is the wife of the late finance minister Jim Flaherty. Mr. Ford said the decision not to run was among the most difficult he has ever had to make. "I think my priority, well I know my priority’s my family.”  Ford said at a news conference. He said he may yet run in a general election as a candidate for MPP.