Semi ploughs through deep flood water in S. Carolina

A semi truck driver is seen ploughing up a flooded portion of South Carolina Highway 15 yesterday. The video, posted to YouTube by user Charlton McLeod, shows the semi truck submerged to half way up the doors in the community of Sumter as it is filmed from a car on the opposite side of the highway. A child in the car labels the driver “big and bad” for daring to drive through the deep water. “If he makes it, I give him all the credit in the world,” a woman’s voice says. Watch to the end it appears that he makes to a dry portion of the road.

Ontario reverses itself on unlimited in-vitro fertilization

in vitro

The Government has re-thought the idea of free in-vitro fertilization for all, regardless of age. Today it was made clear that the costly science of in-vitro will only be free for women 42 and under. The National Post is taking some of the credit. It says the decision to limit coverage comes two days after it revealed the province was planning to reject expert advice and open up the service to all women, regardless of their age. But the plan for free in-vtro for all was on the table for many weeks before the minister, Eric Hoskins, intervened. Evidence is clear that there is much less chance of a successful pregnancy beyond the age of 42.

“Macho” slaying in 2009 brings eight-year sentence


Augustin Caruso (CBC)

Agustin Caruso has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter death of Christopher Skinner on Adelaide St E at Victoria St. in 2009. It was a barbaric crime with hardly any motive except macho malice. Caruso and three friends got out of his car and beat Skinner, 27, for apparently knocking on the window of the SUV. Caruso then ran over the semi-conscious man  There were also two women in the car. In the following years, no one came forward. It was not until 2013 that police cracked the case.  Caruso was arrested in November of that year and charged with second-degree murder. He pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter at the University Avenue courthouse on Monday and received sentence of eight and a half years in prison .At the time, police issued a stern warning to the unknown persons in the car to come forward or face accessory charges.  At the time of the incident, Skinner had been trying to hail a cab and may have accidentally touched the car. Police testified that four men in the SUV got out and knocked Skinner to the ground, punching and kicking him. Police said the men then got back into the car and the driver ran over Skinner, killing him. Caruso, who was 19 at the time of the crime, confirmed in court Monday he was the driver of the vehicle that ran over Skinner. According to an agreed statement, Caruso was one of four men in the SUV who got out of the vehicle and beat up Skinner. The men got back into the car and Caruso drove it over Skinner, killing him. Caruso admitted he knew Skinner was lying on the roadway when he got back into his SUV but maintained he did not run Skinner intentionally. Caruso said he was intoxicated by drugs and alcohol at the time of Skinner’s death. In court, Caruso told the family “I am so sorry” as he read an emotional statement of facts. .


Scary sidewalk on Eglinton opposite Leaside High School

It takes a brave pedestrian to venture onto the broken and patched sidewalk on the north side of Eglinton Ave E between Donlea Drive and Hanna Rd.

New concept McDonald’s open at St. Clair and Victoria Park

McDonald’s first Create Your Taste push-button restaurant is at the corner of St.Clair Ave and Victoria Park Ave. But it seems a tentative opening as customers are still able to order at the counter as well. McDonald’s president had exuberantly said that the new choose your own burger concept was about “blowing up the counter.” Give him an A for enthusiasm. The new experience includes delivery to your table and self-serve kiosks. Employee titles reach lofty levels with the appearance of Guest Experience Leaders who greet patrons, help them find a seat and walk them through using the self-serve kiosks. There is also a new premium burger unlike previous offerings at McDonald’s, the Create Your Taste burger. Analysts have said Create Your Taste will bring new interest to McDonald’s and perhaps cause patrons to create burgers that cost more.


Starting Tuesday in the U.S., McDonald’s will offer all-day breakfast. It seems like a no brainer. The chain began testing the extended breakfast menu in March.

Underwhelming peace offering from Raising The Roof

The now rather notorious address of 1591 Bayview Ave. has a new message on the plywood hoarding  It is signed by the charity Raising The Roof and it says:

You told us you don’t want a shelter here. Neither do we  Support us in creating long-term solutions  Let’s end homelessness.

This sign seems to be a form of peace-offering from the charity, and whoever else it employed, for staging the “homeless shelter” hoax on South Bayview residents and businesses last Friday. It may be a peace-offering but it is a quite underwhelming one.  There is no expression of regret.  Raising The Roof  clings to a doubtful moral high ground that it agrees with the hapless people it duped.

Look, Raising The Roof has surely done good work and will do so again. We wish them well. But there has been a colossal failure of judgement which ought to be acknowledged. Beyond this, residents of South Bayview are not unfamiliar with the realities and human loss created by the so-called homeless. We say so-called because in this City, and right here on Bayview Ave., many of the homeless are homeless in name only. They are not without shelter — some are said to have owned property —  but they prefer life on the street (or in the alleys). There is nothing good about this but it reveals a problem that is enormously more complicated than the building of shelters, as important as that may be  There are said to be about 5,000  officially  “homeless” people in Toronto. They are tracked as best they can be and receive attention from municipal Outreach workers. Angels, all of them.

raise roof



TIME MATTERS: Will Twitter abandon reverse chronology?


Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey has been confirmed as the permanent CEO of Twitter. In keeping with his rainmaker persona the new CEO is talking about his ideas to challenge every feature of the messaging phenomenon. He is said to be willing to throw out even the most core features of Twitter in an attempt to push the company forward (whatever that may mean). It may include moving beyond the 140 character limit and reverse chronological format which define Twitter for many, and which Dorsey himself originally established. “You will see us continue to question our reverse chronological timeline and all of the work it takes to build one by finding and following accounts,” Dorsey has said.  Those who love Twitter rely on it to tell them quickly not so much the news, but whether there is news in their specialized fields of interest. Much of the tough talk is about making money. Twitter users can see the service rooting around for ways to get people and their businesses to advertise.


CGS kids give lift to booster seat event at Sunnybrook


Six children from Leaside’s Children’s Garden School (CGS) helped out at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre last week at the 10th Anniversary of booster seat legislation in Canada. The CGS students were invited to the media event at McLaughlin Lecture Hall to help demonstrate the correct use of a booster seat. They were weighed and then strapped into a booster seat correctly. Following the demonstration, the crowd watched a police simulation of what happens when you are wearing your set belt in an accident and what happens when you aren’t. The difference was beyond sobering. There are still many people not using booster seats at all or installing or using them correctly, however. Click here to refresh your memory on booster seat guidelines from Transport Canada.


There was also discussion about the deadly effects of distracted driving at the event.

Distracted Drivers  ~ 3 X more likely to crash.

Distracted Drivers who reach for an object  ~ 9 X more likely to crash.

Drivers who text ~ 23 X more likely to crash.

There are several Apps out there that can help manage the temptation to text and drive? Please take a few minutes now to choose the one that is right for you. CGS children were invited to the event Joanne Banfield, Manager Sunnybrook RBC Office for Injury Prevention. Judging by the pictures, the children were excellent CGS Ambassadors.


Catch-me-if-you-can as 321 Moore parking re-surfaced


You can toss a coin whether to feel sorry for the paving contractor who was hired to resurface the parking lot at the TD Bank and Pharma Plus at 321 Moore Ave. For reasons unknown, he was doing the work on Saturday afternoon as hundreds of people tried to get cash, fill a prescription, buy gum or whatever. Cars were lined up along Moore Ave (above) in a catch-me-if-you-can challenge to police. No one was allowed in the lot. Some of the parking was, um, not exactly perfect. Check the white Ford on the corner. Drivers sprinted from their vehicles and back in hope of beating the traffic wardens. But when the contractor left for the day the yellow tape mysteriously got taken down (imagine). Then those crazy South Bayview residents started to park on the lot again. All of this led to day two of  resurfacing (Sunday) because they made such a mess. .

Two new restaurants opening soon in South Bayview

eaters vert

Watchers of our favorite high street may not have caught the sign that crept into the window of the vacant restaurant at 1620 Bayview Ave. It announces the opening of a Bite Me Bar & Grill at the location. The firm seems pretty viable with places operating on the Danforth and Eglinton Ave. West already. The address is great but others have washed out there apparently because they did not have the right touch.  Bite Me Bar & Grill seems like a down-to-earth all-day food place which is what you have to do to make it in the restaurant business these days. Good luck to them. Over on Laird Drive, Chris Holowatyj is preparing to open a San Francesco sandwich franchise in the former repair shop of the Husky station. It could turn out to be a winner. San Francesco has been on the streets of Toronto for some 60 years and serves good food. Good luck to Chris as well.  He hopes to open by November 1, 2015.

Visitation held Sunday at Humphrey’s for Michael Burgess

burgess-sunday 2

The family of the late Michael Burgess received his friends and admirers at the Humphrey Funeral Home at 1403 Bayview Ave. today (Sunday October 4, 2015). These mounted officers from the Toronto Police Service offered a distinguished honour guard for mourners coming and going. A further visitation will be held in the Church of the Blessed Sacrament at 24 Cheritan Ave. (one block south of Lawrence Avenue) from 10 until 11:30 a.m. Monday, October 5. The Funeral Mass will follow the visitation at the church at noon Monday, October 5. Private interment will occur at Our Lady of Mercy Cemetery, Sarnia. The family is requesting charitable donations on behalf of Mr.Burgess as linked Memories of  the life and achievements of Michael Burgess

St. Cuthbert’s men will cook for women at annual dinner


A popular event where the men of St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church honour their women in a practical way will  take place Friday, October 23, 2015. It is the 13th Annual Women’s Dinner in which the men cook, serve, act as wine stewards and clean up. An excellent tradition. St. Cuthbert’s men are real men it seems. Drinks and appetizers are served at 6:30, with dinner to follow at 7:15.  The total cost for the evening is $20. Profit from the evening will fund maternal and newborn programs at the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund. For tickets contact the church at 4164850329 or St. Cuthbert’s is at 1399 Bayview Ave.

Scarborough girl, 15, found safe, returned home

Hanib LIban, 15, was found safe Monday evening and returned home.

Royal Bank of Canada to begin voice recognition service

The Royal Bank of Canada is about to begin a voice recognition service to identify customers. A story on today’s Canadian Business site says a pilot project with the “voice biometrics” technology has been successful and that the method will be implemented over a three-month period. Presumably the voice service would be of use for customers who for whatever reason do not have their password or are having trouble gaining access to their online accounts. There is little day-to-day consumer banking business done over the phone. Canadian Business.

What on earth were those “homeless” fibbers thinking?

Forty eight hours later, it is still difficult to imagine what they were thinking. Rent a building on Bayview Ave., put up a huge plywood hoarding and attach a plastic leaflet dispenser. Fill it with this.


As Toronto’s homeless population grows and winter approaches,  we need additional temporary shelter for the homeless. Your neighborhood has been selected as a home for a new shelter. The Jefferson Homeless Shelter, Opening November 1, 2015, 1591 Bayview Ave (Bayview Ave and Manor Road E., 62 overnight accommodations, three daily meals on a first come, first served basis, volunteer staff of three. We understand you may have questions, comments or concerns. Please reach  out to us at info@The or 1-888-859-0185


To whomever wrote this calculated notice, it was (as we now know) an oh-so-clever means of getting the merchants and residents of South Bayview into the right frame of mind to blurt out suitable remarks for a commercial. The commercial was in aid of a local charity.  There was no homeless shelter planned, just a filmmaker’s self-involved plotting to manipulate ordinary people for the purposes of a good video clip. The correct frame of mind for this act of God’s work?  Horrified maybe or perhaps distraught. Maybe some people would cry. Ideally there would be palpable fear. Let’s be frank, no woman wants to walk past a 62 bed homeless shelter at night, even if it is managed by an alert staff of three volunteers.


The film maker certainly realized his goal of getting a reaction. Phone calls, mail and sidewalk runners carried the news that there was a homeless shelter coming to the street. At the BIA and in the offices of elected officials people laboured to try to understand how this could be happening. People on the street were aghast. One woman who lives over a store nearby threatened violence through her tears. About noon, another notice surfaced. It was intended for a smaller readership and it said that a film company would be making a commercial at this location.


A call to this firm elicited  a sort of “Who Us?” reaction from the location manager. He was deeply upset that a story had been published in The South Bayview Bulldog calling the scheme a hoax.  We had spilled the beans, ruined the value of a carefully prepared body of duped citizens for their unintended role in the commercial. Did we tell you there is a hole cut in the hoarding which looks suspiciously like a place to put a hidden camera?  We did say that there is a certain kind of filmmaker self-involvement that raises their mission above the need for any concern for people or for honesty.


Please, said the location manager, take down that post. Just for a couple of  days. Can you believe it? This foolish suggestion extended yet again the outlandish world in which these plotters were living. There were many outlandish things about this homeless shelter fib, even at first glance. How would the homeless get to Bayview Ave? We surmised they would need to be bused to the location  Oh yes, said one  film employee, that’s right. Talk about making it up as you go along. But remember, even though this scheme at first blush had several outlandish aspects, zealots are often both ridiculous and dead serious at the same time.